The research report of The State of Online Gaming 2019 highlights the latest findings in the Network where it shows that the world is gaming a lot more than it did in the last year 2018. The survey report is based on the responses of 4500 consumers from different countries including Germany, India, France, Singapore, Italy, South Korea, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom with the age 8 and above who play video games atleast once in a week. It has been served as a reminder to us that video games are becoming more and more popular day by day by maintaining a stream of the phenomenon.

From the research, some interesting facts and information came out. Respondents were being asked different types of questions on various topics to determine the types of the games they are interested to play and how often they are playing the game with which device (mobile, tab, PC), how they access content and what they think to be important to become a successful gamer. Through more time is spent in playing casual single- player games but players are also taking interest in different types of new and other games including powerball online play, battle games, shooter games and more. On an average it has been found that players are investing minimum 7 hours and 7 minutes each week. Though it does not sound so huge but this number actually increased up to 20% from the previous year which is really a huge increase. What more highlights we get from this report are as given below:

  1. Players between the ages of 26-35 years old play even more with 8 hours and12 minutes per week that has increased more than 25% from the last year.
  2. Rather than PC or tablet, mobile phones have been used more for playing video games. 
  3. To play any video game, players overwhelmingly prefer downloading the games to play it on their mobiles. 64% of the gamers have chosen this method, which again has grown by 12% from the last year.
  4. Players are playing on average of 1 hour 22 minutes at a time. The average longest time that player has been invested to play in 4 hours 19 minutes. 
  5. Gamers are not only stuck to any particular video games. They prefer different types of games including powerball online play, stunt games, action games, shooter games, cricket, football or hockey or something different. However, gamers within the age of 18-25 years prefer to play Battle Royale Games, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, First Person Shooter etc. as their favourite game. 
  6. Fast performance, high downloading speed of the game is the most consideration while playing the video game.
  7. Now, out of all the countries, the USA and Germany have higher averages of players in terms of video game play. It was actually Germany had the highest average followed by the USA, Singapore in second and South Korea in the third position. 
  8. Males are playing much more than females. Even 36% may quit their jobs if they find themselves as professional video gamers and more than 57% of male players within the age of 18-35 want to become professional gamers.
  9. Almost 35% of gamers play video games while at work atleast once in a month.
  10. More than half of gamers have missed sleep due to gaming.

As per the above research, it is very clear that as time flies, players will be playing more video games. It seems like in the foreseeable future, the numbers are just going to increase. Video games are becoming easier today to access, download and playing in different devices. Thus, different companies are creating more and more interesting video games to engage more players into their games. 

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