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Walking simulators are pretty much two-a-penny, and there are a good few options which take the weight off the feet and stick you behind the wheel of a car too. But Titan Chaser combines the two options, pushing out a driving and walking experience in which you’ll be left to hunt down the most gigantic of creatures. And when you find them? Well, you use light to drive them off. 

Titan Chaser from Samustai will set you back a mere £3.99 from the Xbox Store, with the game playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. And that seems about right for what we’re being given as we’re left to drive through fields, looking for action; at which point we stick light their way and push them back. 

The reason? Well, it seems that these monstrous beings are slowly getting closer to the town you live in, and should they make fall, all hell will break loose. It also seems that you are the only hope for this town and so if you don’t head out into the foggy landscapes, who knows what will happen. 

The thing is, like any walking/driving simulator, there will be things to keep an eye on. In fact, much like in Road to Guangdong, you’ll need to keep an eye on your vehicle, keeping it in tip-top condition, managing fuel, overall maintenance, health and damage. Do that and you should find success. 

The low price point certainly allows Titan Chaser to be a bit of a tempter, and if you wish to prove yourself in the fight, you’ll find the Xbox Store is capable of delivering the download you need. 

If you’re prefer to find out how this plays, stay tuned for our full review. 

Game Description:

Every night you leave the motel and drive through empty fields, looking for something. Your job is to scout wandering giants and drive them away from the sleeping town using light. It’s a meditative experience where you don’t need to manage fuel, car maintenance, health, or damage. Just find where to drive and how to use your tools effectively. Or just forget about your work and drive through foggy landscapes to calm down after a hard day.

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