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The Superfidos arrive to save the Xbox world


We’re done with the cats yeah? After a year or so that has been dominated by the likes of Stray and its feline friends, it’s time for the dogs to rock up to save the world. At least that’s the plan as Superfidos launches on Xbox. 

Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today, Superfidos is a platformer set in the world of Fluffington. It’s here where you find yourself playing as a trio of hero dogs, enhanced by magical powers. It’s these powers, and these dogs, that are seen as the only saviours to humanity. Whether they are the greatest dogs ever to grace the video game scene is up for debate, but they’ll give it a good go.

In Superfidos you take charge of Lenny, Kenny and Max, three dogs who are the key to saving their human masters. See, the evil warlock Lux has kidnapped all man, leaving the rescue to their loyal companions. It plays as a platformer, but one that encourages a host of exploration and a variety of ways of finding success. 

With puzzles aplenty, challenges galore and a world full of adventure, the Superfidos will need your help. 

A price of £24.99 probably means that Superfidos will need a recommendation in order for you to take a punt, and we’re looking to review this one as soon as we can. If you are sold though, or just want to prove once and for all that dogs are better than cats, then you’ll find a copy of Superfidos over at the Xbox Store. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, with full optimisation for the new-gen consoles and Xbox Smart Delivery in the house. 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to grab this one. 

Game Description:

When Furball accidentally drinks a sleeping potion, his owner, the warlock Lux, needs to extract human fear to create an awakening potion. After the evil wizard crashes at the Golden Sands resort and kidnaps all humans, it’s up to the loyal dogs Kenny, Lenny, and Max to rescue their human friends and show Lux that some love and care always beats fear. Superfidos is a platforming game where you explore the vast world of Fluffington. You play as a magical dog hero, traversing different levels in multiple interconnected areas, gathering power-ups, magic, and more to help you in your journey. Unlike a straightforward platformer where you go from one level to the next, Superfidos promotes free exploration, is full of secrets, and provides different ways of approaching and solving the game’s multiple puzzles and challenges. Put your best cape on and help these heroes show Lux they are not called Superfidos for nothing.

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