Remnant Swamps of Corsus dlc

Remnant: From the Ashes has already proved punishing enough with its’ unique blend of third-person shooter and hardcore RPG mechanics, but it isn’t finished with you yet… Today sees the release of the premium DLC Swamps of Corsus for Xbox One and PS4, which provides revamped and refreshed areas along with an entirely new way to play Remnant with the arrival of Survival Mode.

Available now, first up is the new Corsus zone, which is only available when playing in Adventure mode – one of the many free updates to the base game. In this revamped area, the Cult of Iskal have claimed the swamps for themselves, and it is up to you to take back the swamps. Starting from the lone holdout that remains, players must confront the Queen and stop the Iskal for good. Or, you could join forces with her and complete her master plan…

This new area also comes with the most important bit, some new loot. Three new weapons are available for those that complete the various challenges, dungeons and new bosses including the fearsome Barbed Terror.

There is also a brand-new mode called Survival Mode, and it promises to be Remnant’s most difficult challenge yet. Featuring permadeath, players must get as far as they can with just one life and starting with nothing more than a Repeater Pistol and a few consumables. But by conquering randomised biomes and hordes of enemies in this mode, players can unlock new armour and weapons such as the Hero’s Sword that unleashes a powerful wave attack.

Another new feature added is found in the new Armour Skins. Defeat bosses in Survival mode – or the Hard and Nightmare difficulties in the main campaign – and you can unlock a new resource called the Glowing Shard that can be used to purchase alternative skins for every piece of armour in the game.

This isn’t all for Remnant: From the Ashes as the roadmap suggests there is more to come later on in the year. What that is though remains ‘Top Secret’ for now.

Swamps of Corsus is available to download right now priced at £8.39 for those that already own the base game – or indeed have Remnant through Xbox Game Pass – but there is also a bundle for those yet to jump in that contains both the main game and the DLC priced at £37.49 (discounted to £26,24). Either way, our review was very positive for the game and if you already have Xbox Game Pass, there should be no reason you don’t give Remnant a go!

DLC Description:

Remnant: From the Ashes – Swamps of Corsus requires ownership of Remnant: From the Ashes to play. Begin your journey across the dangerous and corrupted worlds of Remnant: From the Ashes with a new mode and expanded map content in Swamps of Corsus. New Mode – Survival: Fight for your life in this new rogue-like game mode! Start off your adventure with nothing but a pistol, some scrap and the skin on your back. Travel randomly through corrupted World Stones to different biomes, scrap-up gear, fight insanely-difficult bosses and test your endurance on how long you can resist The Root’s influence. The Iskal Rise – The swamps of Corsus swarm with new content! Discover a new zone in Adventure Mode, fight new bosses, experience new stories, participate in new events, find new quests, and more. Lock & Load – Pick up new items, new armor and skins, new weapons, new mods and new traits. Armor Skins – By defeating bosses in Survival Mode, or the Hard and Nightmare difficulties in Campaign and Adventure Mode, earn Glowing Shards which you can use to purchase alternate armor skins for every piece of armor available in the game.


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