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Forget about Sonic and his 30th birthday celebrations for today is all about a couple of purple hedgehogs rocking up onto Xbox. They may be nameless and may not have the instant draw of SEGA’s blue blur, but all you need to know is that they are Synchro Hedgehogs – and they are available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now, Synchro Hedgehogs will set you back just £4.19 in cash terms. But what you’re getting is very much like that of Xitilon’s previous release – Butterfly – just this seems to build slightly on what was previously delivered. 

Synchro Hedgehogs does as the name suggests, putting you in control of two spiky little hedgehog twins as you utilise both logical and your platforming skills to ensure the twins make it to safety. However, much like before, never of these guys can jump so you’ll have to use the environment to your advantage, bouncing off foes and trying to work out how exactly you’ll move the two in synch. 

Similarly to Butterfly, Synchro Hedgehogs also throws 40 levels into the equation, yet we’d hazard a guess that if Xitilon’s track record is anything to go by, you’ll be found mopping up the Xbox achievements and Gamerscore well before those stages are out. In fact, we’d not be surprised if Synchro Hedgehogs found a way into our latest easy Xbox Gamersocre lists

Key features include:

  • You control two hedgehogs at the same time.
  • The hedgehogs can’t jump on their own – find a way to complete platformer levels!
  • Bounce off the enemies to your advantage!
  • Figure out the ways to seclude one of the twins while another is on move, or move in synch.

That could well be enough to sell a purchase of the game to many Xbox players, and if that is where you sit in gaming wants, get over to the Xbox Store and nail the download this very minute. Alternatively, hold tight for our full review as that should be coming your way very soon. 

Game Description:

The puzzle platform game with two funny twins moving as one! Enjoy the 40 levels of original design! Your logical and platformer skills are required. Manage this active team of twins tied by your fingers! Where to go first?.. Platform skills are useful, but try to find a simple logical solution.

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