The Taller I Grow

At times, simple is best. And with the arrival of The Taller I Grow on Xbox One, the most simplistic visuals are on offer. But does that mean it’s the best? Well, a super low price point certainly makes the latest puzzler to hit Xbox One an interesting prospect.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One for a mere £4.19, The Taller I Grow from Noobles Studio is a new puzzle platformer which drops you in to no less than 30 levels and tasks you with completing them.

Simple retro stuff is promised in the early stages of The Taller I Grow, as you begin to understand the clever mechanics which are in place. These revolve around a single square – Bip – who is heading out on a journey of discovery and growth. But Bip will only be greeted with success should you help him combine with multiple objects that are found in the arenas – it is this which will help him grow.

Promising deep puzzle solving, this is a game that will test not just your reflexes, but your patience as well – and if you’re after a fun little puzzler, it seems like it could well be worth a shot. Just as long as you can find a safe passage past the multiple traps and obstacles that are in place.

Our full review of The Taller I Grow is fast approaching and will be with you any day now. Keep an eye out for it, yet if you are sold on the premise just head straight over to the Xbox Store and nab that cheap download. Let us know in the comments if you decide to give it a go.

Game Description:

The Taller I Grow is a puzzle-platformer where you must connect to objects in your environment to become taller and solve puzzles. You play as Bip, a small square that goes on a journey of growth. With 30 levels to complete, this game will test your patience, reflexes, and puzzle solving skills.


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