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I know we’re only just moving through the early stages of 2021, but Digerati’s Tunnel of Doom is already right up there with ‘game title of the year’. I mean, the Tunnel of Doom just demands we know more – and thankfully that’s exactly what we have. 

A real-time tower defense title that combines action rogue-lite ideas to ensure players will never get bored, Tunnel of Doom (really needs to be read as THE TUNNEL OF DOOOOOOOM) has been created by one Antti Vaihia, with Digerati helping ensure that it reaches the biggest audience possible. Due to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC in Q2 2021, with an open beta running on PC between 29th Jan – 1st Feb, Tunnel of Doom is the second title to come from the creative mind of Vaihia, after a previous launch of Gun Bombers. 

“My debut title left a void in my life. I needed another fix to feed the addiction. Luckily, I stumbled upon a tweet from Jan Willem Nijman (Vlambeer) about simple random level generation,” explains Vaihia. “After toying around with this mechanic, I started to imagine the kind of game it could inspire. Sticking with the mining theme of my previous game I set forth to put my own spin to the rogue-lite scene. It’s been a blast. Cheers to you Jan!”

Should you be down for a bit of a hybrid mashup, then Tunnel of Doom is looking set to deliver. Once released in full you’ll be able to head to the small mining town of Goldcrest, from where you’ll take on the role of Angel as she heads off on a quest to save her husband. Of course, that isn’t going to be the most simple job – mostly as waves of monsters will be in the way – but rid the world of them and you’ll find resources to gather and perks to utilise. With Tunnel of Doom running the action rogue-lite hybrid route, mixing in tower defense with melee and ranged combat gameplay, you can be sure there will be plenty on offer. 

Key features include:

  • Set Traps: It’s you against the hordes! Boost your chances of success and survival by strategically positioning cannons and barricades before battles begin.
  • Gather Resources: Smash lamps. Destroy crates. Blow up rocks. Search the mine for materials that can be used as makeshift weapons or ammunition for traps.
  • Weapon Combat: If your revolver or rifle ammo is running low… improvise! Throw rocks or glass. Swing your pickaxe. Break out the TNT. Do what it takes to avoid being mobbed by the monsters!
  • Find Perks: Better traps. Improved weapons. More resources. There are 50 perks to discover, each offering an array of stat boosts and gameplay tweaks.
  • Randomly Generated: The layout of the mine, perks, and monster battles change with each new game, meaning every run is different! 
  • Dream Mode: Escape the mine to unlock this new, endless challenge.

Give the announcement trailer a little watch and then hold tight for a full release date a little further down the line. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of this tower defense mashup by posting in the comments. You can wishlist it on Steam too if you so wish.


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