Fancy some new vehicles to hoon around with in GTA Online? How about a new job or two? Well, Rockstar have got you sorted with the latest weekly additions to the game.

Available from today comes the hotly anticipated The Vespucci Job as two teams take to the streets as the predator and the prey. Whether you’re behind the wheel of the new Issi Classic, attempting to hit every single checkpoint in the fastest time, or racing behind in the squad car ready to blow a darn sight more than just a few doors off, the Vespucci Job will see you right.

Should you wish to take part, either as the runner or those wishing to pile on the heat, then between now and April 23rd you’ll find a ton of Double GTA$ and RP bonuses coming your way.

To complement the new job are three brand new vehicles. Obviously the Issi Classic is the star of the show (grab it now from the stock found at Southern San Andreas Super Autos), but should you have to succumb to your overwhelming desire to tear some fresh holes in the asphalt, then the Vapid Flash GT Sports car is also available from Legendary Motorsport.

And if they don’t float your boat, then how about grabbing the Sea Sparrow chopper from Elitas Travel? If you find yourself in need to stage an amphibious landing in an agile miniature helicopter with optional Machine Gun and Missile upgrades, then it more than does the job.

With the new job and vehicles the highlights of this weeks action, we also see a number of discounts available from the various stores. all of the following are now available…

Vehicle Discounts – all 25% off unless stated:

  • Karin 190z
  • Vapid Hustler
  • Albany Hermes
  • Phantom Wedge – 35% off

Ammu-Nation Discounts – all 25% off:

  • Explosive and Throwables
  • All melee weapons
  • Body Armor

Vehicle Mods Discounts – all 25% off

  • Bullet Proof Tyres
  • Liveries
  • bumpers
  • Resprays
  • Skirts
  • Spoilers
  • Tire Smoke

This week GTA Online is flourishing and whether you are heading in just to check out the new cars, in order to participate in The Vespucci job or because you want to run the Premium ‘In The City’ race or ‘Mount Gordo’ Time Trial matters little. Just get involved and earn those GTA$’s!

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