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If you like weird, you’ll probably get on well with the creations of Cotton Games. The latest oddity to emerge from those studios is that of Dad’s Monster House. It’s a mad one. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised) are the black and white joys of Dad’s Monster House. 

Put together by Cotton Games (they previously behind the equally nuts Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, pushed to market by the E-Home Entertainment team, Dad’s Monster House is a puzzler in which you’ll only unravel the story by collecting items. 

Nothing new there you may think, but Dad’s Monster House certainly looks to run a bit of a quirky angle, especially if you take the screenshots as proof. It looks good though, detailed, considered and full of the weirdness’ that us gamers like in something that arrives under the radar. 

It’s very well priced too and we’d hazard a guess that the £4.99 price tag will mean you’ll get a couple of hours of fun from this one. 

You can grab Dad’s Monster House from the Xbox Store before playing it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. 

Keep an eye out for our review. 

Game Description:

Freud once said: “Love and work, work and love…that’s all there is.” But what of the pain, the struggles that arise when we’re forced to choose between our ambitions and love? In dealing with such conundrums, we’ve all likely hurt those we hold dearest to us. For it’s often in the darkness that we feel most safe. With Dad’s Monster House, I wish to provide those kinds of heartrending memories a chance at redemption. I dedicate it to scientists, to my childhood dreams; to those I love, and to faded memories. I hope that within you’ll find the greatest of answers, be they for your love, for science, or dreams. [Gameplay] A sudden call in the deep of night has you return to a house you haven’t visited for many a year. You must unravel one puzzle after another: to from within scenes intertwined with memories find clues and get to the bottom of your father’s secret. The choice of whether to redeem or ultimately end this sad story lies in your hands. [Features] Instead of going for bright and vivid colors, I have opted for a black-and-white art style. The fragmented narration, plentiful puzzles, and delicate sound designs create an immersive experience where you as the player get to truly feel the ups and downs of the protagonist’s emotions. Continue to unravel the story as you collect more items…

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