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Curious Expedition 2 released onto Xbox earlier this year to coveted TheXboxHub acclaim, with it gaining a 4.5/5 score at TXH Towers. The rest of the world clearly reflected our praise, as the turn-based narrative roguelike is receiving even more additional content today, in the form of the Robots of Lux DLC.

Coming to Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch, this DLC first and foremost gives players the opportunity to control two new characters: steam-powered pirate Captain Piper Faraday, and the Naturalist, both acting as new leads to progress the story onwards. Such a story involves these two characters using their skills to explore a new area of Paris, furthering the plot centred around engineering and science, with procedural storytelling ensuring no two stories are the same, not least when it comes to the relationships formed between recruitable characters.

Speaking of recruitable characters, and the Robots of Lux expansion offers up three new humanoids, as well as the mountable Robot Chameleon animal. Being able to ride a mechanised camouflaging device is simply all I need to give this one a go!

Throw in some new equipment and items to make use of in the story, and this Victorian-era Parisian landscape becomes the ultimate playground for our robotic heroes.

A more complete list of features behind this DLC includes:

  • 2 expedition leaders: Piper Faraday from SteamWorld Heist and the Naturalist, who can tame almost any animal in the game (including the Giant Crab!) using Edibot’s new Luxballs.
  • 3 recruitable humanoids: Billy Gill & Valentine Butterbolt (from SteamWorld Heist) and the Yeti.
  • 1 recruitable animal (mountable): Robot Chameleon.
  • 1 Paris location: Old Theatre, where you can freeze a character for later use and shop for robotic team members and equipment.
  • 3 pieces of equipment: Shield Belt, Plasma Spider, PR3-S5.
  • 2 pieces of pack animal equipment: Tesla Coil, Buzz Saw.
  • 7 items: Battery, Prototype Remote Control, Field Kitchen, EdiBot Map, Coffee, Coffee Beans, Artificial Meal.

“Bearing in mind how well-known and beloved the SteamWorld series is, Robots of Lux DLC is our most exciting content drop for Curious Expedition 2 yet”, said Riad Djemili, CEO at Maschinen-Mensch. “We are honored to work with our friends at Thunderful to bring the worlds of SteamWorld and Curious Expedition 2 together in an adventure that explorers will never forget”.

For those who already own the base game of Curious Expedition 2, then the Robots of Lux DLC will come from the Xbox Store. That’s for Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One, of course, as the game is also available on PS5, PS4, Switch and PC.

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