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It’s still the best hunting title out there, and much of the reason for that is that it’s been enhanced multiple times with many different DLC additions. Today we see the Rancho del Arroyo drop into theHunter: Call of the Wild on console.

Building out the immersive nature of theHunter: Call of the Wild, Rancho del Arroyo is the tenth and latest reserve for the game, becoming available for a price of £5.59 / €7.99EUR / $7.99USD. The Xbox Store link is here.

In Rancho del Arroyo, players can experience the thrill of hunting in a vast, vibrant desert where abandoned mine-shafts and dusty roads meet gorgeous vistas and pristine high-altitude lakes. And with five new additions (out of nine in total) to the ever-evolving roster of animal species, such as the Mexican Bobcat, Ring-Necked Pheasant, and Collared Peccary, every hunt requires a different strategy and approach.

In addition to unraveling a century-old family mystery throughout the reserve’s numerous story missions, players will also expand their hunting arsenal with the powerful new Couso Model 1897. This 16-gauge pump-action shotgun can carry five shells in its tubular magazine and fire multiple shots in quick succession. You’ll want to use that to flush out Pheasants from their hiding spots – an all-new gameplay mechanic – and line up the perfect aerial shot!

Key features include:

  • HUNTING HOTSPOT – Watch the Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, and Bighorn Sheep scuttle across the plains in search of shade. Head towards the river for a chance to spot the Rio Grande Turkey, and keep your finger on the trigger as you come close to the Ring-Necked Pheasant, Collared Peccary, and Coyote. When night falls, hunker down in the desert shrublands and observe the elusive Mexican Bobcat stalk Antelope Jackrabbits.
  • COUSO MODEL 1897 – Introduced in the late nineteenth century, the Couso Model 1897 16-gauge pump-action shotgun is a respected piece of iron among hunters, police officers and soldiers alike. It can carry five shells in its tubular magazine and fire multiple shots in quick succession, making it a versatile weapon in the hands of any skilled hunter.
  • RIGHT OLD WRONGS – When warden Salvador Soto Muñoz returns to his childhood home to take over the family ranch, he makes a decision that will forever alter their legacy, selling the cattle and turning the land into a biosphere reserve. Now, with the grand re-opening of the ranch mere weeks away, Salvador needs your help to ensure that it makes for a viable hunting ground. Along the way, you’ll uncover long-lost secrets and solve the century-old mystery that tore a powerful family apart.
  • SHARE THE EXPERIENCE – You can hunt in the reserve even if you don’t own the DLC by joining someone in multiplayer who does. This will give you access to everything except the narrative missions.

“Rancho del Arroyo marks the tenth reserve for theHunter: Call of the Wild, and brings a wealth of fun new content for players to discover”, said Sacha Karsenty, Product Owner at Expansive Worlds. “We couldn’t be more excited to finally celebrate this milestone with our dedicated console community.”

You’ll need the base game of theHunter: Call of the Wild in order to enjoy the Rancho del Arroyo. Your usual digital store will sort you out for both the standard game and the DLC.

DLC Description:

Generations of cowboys have eked out a living in these badlands, through revolution, war and times of struggle. From the abandoned mines and dusty roads to the surrounding mountains that overlook the heart of the desert, the Wild West lives on in spirit in Rancho del Arroyo. Brave the heat of the sun, experience a place that teems with life, and discover remnants of the past that were thought to be long forgotten.  

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