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Grab a scientist – there’s a Lab Crisis kicking off on Xbox. 

Whilst the Xitilon publishing team (2 Synchro Hedgehogs, Butterfly) aren’t particularly regular with their Xbox game drops, they do pop up every now and then with some gloriously cheap game releases. That’s the case here and now, as they take what has been created by the developers at Lovixama and push it out to the Xbox world. 

Yep, it’s time to grab a scientist or five, chaining them together and attempting to save the world, as Lab Crisis unfolds on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

This cheap little release – you’re looking at a mere £4.19 in pocket money – sees you taking on the role of a robot saviour, as he tries to save his scientist masters from the mutant-infested lab that they are working in. Playing out like a modern day version of Snake, it’s up to you to tag the white coats, dragging them behind you, daisy-chaining them together before hitting up the exit door. Do so without losing a scientist to the alien mob and you’ll be left to gain your robot rewards. 

The thing is, in Lab Crisis each and every level comes with some kind of trap or mutant infestation. With your foes running predetermined channels and paths, it should just take a bit of knowledge, strategy and tactical nous for you to help your masters to safety. At least, that’s how we’re reading it. 

Info is pretty thin on the ground for this one, but we’ll be sure to cover everything and anything in our full review – stay tuned for our thoughts on how Lab Crisis plays on Xbox in the coming days. 

To get involved for yourself, head to the Xbox Store. Surely that low asking price makes this a no-brainer?

Game Description:

Lab Crisis is a turn-based puzzle about a robot who’s rescuing scientists from a mutant-infested lab! The more scientists you grab at once, the longer is the chain, so be careful!

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