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We’ve heard from people the world over who need to get their hands on some Xbox One and Xbox 360 codes. We’ve normally got the odd one or five hanging around so what better thing to do than give them away randomly?

This article will be updated occasionally with new codes for all manner of Xbox items. One day you may find a 2 day Xbox Gold trial code, another day it may be a 7 day code or perhaps a code for a whole damn game. It’ll be completely random and obviously the code will still be valid and available when we post it up, but if someone nabs it before you get to it, then you’ll just have to be a bit quicker next time round.

Like we mentioned above, the codes will drop ‘occasionally’. That means you may see a new one pop up on a certain day, and then not see another for a few days, or we may hit you with a few in one go. We will however always give advance notice of when a code will go live (not which code however), on our Twitter page, Facebook page and/or Google+ page so it’ll be in your interests to get following us on there and keep an eye on things. You’ll probably find us using the #TXHcode hashtag

Codes will be revealed in here as and when we feel appropriate but if you do get one, we’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment in the Disqus section below or let us know via one of those amazing social media channels that frequent the web. You know, sharing is caring and all that malarkey.

Codes in BOLD are the latest we’ve put up and are more likely to be not yet be used. Be all means try the others as well though.

Good luck.

  • 2 day trial of Xbox Live Gold membership – D7QBG-QBTF2-99TMF-6GQY3-2HHGB
  • Fable Anniversary Lion’s Head Avatar Helmet – YGPX2-XDTWK-9FC4T-PR2X9-MD3D2
  • CoD Black Ops 2 Zombie Avatar Costume (female) – WRHC9-26JKM-77QM4-CQ7CV-GTF6Z
  • 7 Day Xbox Gold Trial – HYQ4M-XH87K-34YWC-KX8FK-XTR2K
  • 14 Day Xbox Gold Trial – 9GGH8-FJQ8C-RTDGD-R9VTP-BYXBV
  • Fable Anniversary In-Game Outfit & Weapons pack – C9RY9-MPWRF-7YCFP-JTK2C-87VYK
  • 2 Day Xbox Gold Trial – 9D7WK-R87KR-WWRBQ-8M8XQ-F2T2Q
  • 2 Day Xbox Gold Trial – PQR99-MR8BJ-97JBH-TM428-QY8YC
  • 2 Day Xbox Gold Trial – 494PV-8X4WM-THJM9-9C2DG-22BX7
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent Full Game on Xbox 360 – CHDDT-MDCPW-9VWCP-TCGHD-9YMMZ
  • CoD Black Ops 2 CLAW Avatar Prop – DQMQM-XF2M9-QP4CC-PF7K2-7G49Z
  • 7 Day Xbox Gold Trial – MXMMG-RVGM2-DWTTF-WFTB2-P8CRT
  • Diablo III Infernal Helm In-Game item with +Exp Bonus – WMYCM-2PQFC-46JY6-7XXVD-47FMZ
  • 2 Day Xbox Gold Trial – QX4D3-QYTCQ-4F8KD-R2J63-BVYYC
  • 2 Day Xbox Gold Trial – 226DV-BCB9G-488R9-CHRXP-Y647R
  • 2 Day Xbox Gold Trial – D3M2P-PBH8Q-RPXC7-6HFDB-3WB9J
  • Kinect Sports Rivals DLC – PGPJY-RPT3G-HKP9D-FWJTQ-MKMDZ
  • Thief The Bank Heist DLC – WJ6MF-XDWF9-6GX3G-997Y7-YVHHZ
  • World of Tanks 1 Day Premium Access and in-game content – 8XCFD-664U6-77XCW-HPFZF
  • GRID: Autosport Limited Black Edition DLC – 37KCP-YGC6T-9P2JY-YTVV2-HVM6Z
  • Xbox Live Avatar Hat – 3FCYY-RF724-VWV2M-9CHVR-39RPZ
  • Xbox Live 3 day code – P3K6Q-9T3M?-TV24K-G7K3T-CMRQC (Guess the ?)
  • Xbox Live Avatar Hat – J7FD7-GMPGC-JGK76-CV7WR-G927Z
  • Xbox Live 3 day code – PM7Y3-CFYMK-4TTFF-6H23Y-??HBP (Guess the two numbers ??)
  • Xbox Live Avatar Hat – M6623-X6PVV-2CKMT-YMH9H-RYFKZ
  • Xbox Live 3 day code – 6Q2DW-MF?PP-FJWVD-8MQT3-VVJ6Q (Guess the ?)
  • Xbox Live Avatar Hat – HMKYP-4YK37-DRVDF-MRQWV-36MKZ
  • Xbox Live 3 day code – V2RJ8-??F7W-2624J-XHTJH-KBBJX (Guess the two numbers ??)
  • All codes seemingly taken. More to come soon.

Thanks go out to one of our readers for the latest codes. You can check their Youtube site just here.

It may also be worth your while signing up to our weekly newsletter. You never know, we might just give a heads up to some more codes in there!


  1. I need an Xbox live code tryna do a strike on destiny any code will do 2 day one week or a month is fine my gamer tag is murfinator313

  2. i tried all the codes but none are working i even tried the ones with
    missing numbers all that work for nothing please if anyone has a code to
    share please can you email me the code or codes i will be very
    gratefull as here in south africa we struggle to get codes coz this
    country is so backward my e mail is cookhouseguy@gmail.com please can
    anyone help me thanks in advance

  3. hi can i get a code please id love to be able to play multiplayer with my friends on the east coast again, any amount of days in a trail will be most helpful, please and thank you…..email:montanawsm@gmail.com, xbox 360: el diablo1370

  4. Aye im a desperate nikka right now for a code i would be real thankful if someone got like a 1 week or 2 week code anything doesnt matter!!!! :)) ^-^

  5. Hi TheXboxHub
    I have recently collected over my time a lot of 3 day Xbox live codes and a few avatar hats and i was wondering if you wanted them? I need an email to send them to though.
    Thanks for the codes though 🙂

  6. We now have a few more codes that will be going live in the next 24 hours. Keep an eye out as it’ll always be a case of first come first served. What codes will they be you ask? Well, that would be telling! 😉

    • The latest ones that have gone up are in BOLD. But as is the way with many codes, you won’t actually know they are taken unless you try them.

      Follow us on social media or Disqus and you’ll be the first to know when new codes go live.

  7. Thanks for codes! Very Legit unlike the survey ones! Can you maybe have msp? That would be even better!!!!


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