Whilst the Atari name used to be at the forefront of the gaming scene, in recent times things went a little quiet. That was until they decided to start taking some of the old classics of gaming, recharging them for a modern day audience. On the back of this resurgence, TheXboxHub team come together to chat about how Atari still have a place in gaming circles. It’s no coincidence that the next game in the Recharged series – Gravitar – has just been announced too.

Join Gareth, Neil, James and Richard from TheXboxHub as they chew the fat over the latest announcements to come out of the Atari fold. Gravitar: Recharged is the headline act, but you’ll hear the team talk about how Atari have really gone to town with modernising the likes of Breakout, Centipede, Black Widow and Asteroids.

We fit in words about our exclusive interview with the Atari CEO – Wade Rosen – too, what our favourite Atari games have been from years gone by and where exactly the Recharged format needs to go next. In all, TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 123 is a bit of an Atari special.

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As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast


For those not in the know, TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a podcast in which various members of TheXboxHub team come to chat, talking about the latest Xbox news, reviews, videos and opinions, whilst dipping into PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC stuff too – yeah, we cross the format wars line, and are extremely proud of it.

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