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TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 132: Saints Row, Stray and Hot Wheels


TheXboxHub Official Podcast sees the team behind the written word get together for a little chat, focusing on the latest news and reviews to come out of the gaming world. Episode 132: Saints Row, Stray and Hot Wheels is no different, as word gets around in regards some hands on with Saints Row, PlayStation’s Stray and the new Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels expansion.

Join Gareth, Paul and Darren as they join forces and talk over the biggest news stories to have come out of the last week or so. It’s the Xbox world they are mostly focused on – Time on Frog Island, Autobahn Police Simulator 3 and The Hand of Merlin are brought up. But as is always the case, the format wars line is broken and the gang tread over into PlayStation territory with some thoughts on Stray – I mean, we couldn’t not cover the game that is close to breaking the internet.

There’s more though; some proper hands-on with the new rebooted Saints Row. Does Darren love it? Spoiler: Of course he does. Similarly, Paul chats about Hot Wheels in Forza. He loves that too.

The best part of an hour in length, kick back and enjoy TheXboxHub Official Podcast: Episode 132 right now. If you want to bring your own thoughts into it, hit us up in the comments below or via the usual socials.

As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast

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