We’re back with another episode of TheXboxHub Official Podcast, and with Episode 147 the team behind the written word get together to chat over the latest news to come out of the gaming scene over the course of the last week. This time around there’s a huge focus on Netflix’s Gears of War announcement as well as the newly released God of War Ragnarök…

Join Gareth and Richard and Paul and Darren as they get together for an hour or so to talk over the biggest news and reviews to come out of the gaming landscape in recent days. There’s tons to chat about too – Netflix promising a Gears of War shhow and how a humble VR headset could well be on the verge of replicating in-game deaths in the real world. Yeah, we’re not sure that’s going to end well.

But there’s more and in review terms there are a host of Xbox games to run the rule over. We’ve got The Entropy Centre, a bit of Arkanoid Eternal Battle, some Sophstar specials and the chance to go back and take another look at LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga via the Galactic Edition. Oh, and the team wonder whether Broken Pieces is worthy of your time and money too. 

Need more still? Back by popular demand is a little quiz. We won’t tell you who won, but you can be sure that the minds of the team where most definitely whirring.

Give TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 147 a little listen right now and then pop into the comments or hit us up on the socials if you wish to continue the debate.

As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast

TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 157: Resident Evil 4 and PS5 Pro? TheXboxHub Official Podcast

With rumours of a PS5 Pro circulating, it’s on the agenda for our team in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 157. The upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake also gets discussed alongside a host of recently released games that have been keeping us busy. On top of that is a quiz and a giveaway, so be sure to tune in! Settle down with Gareth, Darren and Paul for thoughts on The Last of Us season finale to kick off this week’s episode. There’s even football talk as one of them visited the Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford, for a blockbuster showdown between Manchester United and Southampton.  Afterwards, it’s all about games and especially those our trio have been spending their precious time playing lately. It’s at this point you’ll find out whether you should be taking notice of the stealthy psychological thriller Intruders: Hide and Seek, the transport sim Transport Fever 2, the rehabilitation facilities of Prison Tycoon: Under New Management, and the neo-futuristic turn-based RPG Mato Anomalies. The quiz sees Darren take on Paul, with Gareth delivering the questions to put their gaming knowledge to the test. Who will win and receive the all-important bragging rights? How many of the answers have been fact-checked? Will there be complaints? There’s only one way to find out. If you wish to comment on anything discussed in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 157, or ask any questions for us to respond to in future episodes, feel free to do so! As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast
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For those new to these parts, TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a weekly listen in which the team behind TheXboxHub (the website you are currently on) get together for a little chinwag. We’re not scripted, and it could all end in chaos, but that’s the fun that we bring.

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