TheXboxHub Official Podcast returns for Episode 17 and the TXH team get together once more to talk about the latest happenings in gaming. It’s not all about Xbox One though, with the terrific trio of Gareth (the host), James, and Neil keen to discuss the hot topics in TV and film as well as what’s occurring on other platforms. The big focus this week is on the draws of co-op play and whether it triumphs over single player offerings.

The team have been playing all sorts of games and enjoying various experiences in the past seven days, including the surreal goings on in Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, the puzzling antics of Glass Masquerade 2, the wonderfully animated point-and-clicker Trüberbrook, and the zombie infested world of Zombie Army 4: Dead War. There’s also chat about the impending Xbox Game Pass arrivals and the announcement of another construction simulator on the horizon.

When talk turns to the pros and cons of co-op gaming, things really get kicked up a notch with reference to some great games such as A Way Out, The Division, Strange Brigade and many more. By the end of it you may well be left convinced that co-op is generally better than single player.

As always, full show notes are available over at

TheXboxHub Official Podcast is now a weekly thing, allowing the team behind the site to chat about all things Xbox and gaming in general – all whilst trying not to stray too far away from the videogames scene.

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