Another week has passed by, which means TheXboxHub team are ready to delve into all things in the realm of gaming – and often beyond – once more. At the heart of the discussions during TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 37 is whether video games are becoming too long and too difficult these days. There’s also chatter about rumoured games potentially coming to Xbox Series X and the future unveiling of the Xbox Series S.

In this week’s episode, Richard joins Gareth and James, with the trio jumping straight into how they’ve been keeping occupied recently. It’s intriguing stuff as we hear about online arcade machines, an addiction to Police Interceptors and a recommendation to watch Amazon Prime’s Little Fires Everywhere. Somehow this goes off on a tangent towards difficult games and what level of difficulty they prefer when gaming. 

As for which games our team has played in the last seven days, and well, James found himself solving puzzles in Artifex Mundi’s Endless Fables: Dark Moor. Stalking animals is on the agenda for Richard as he shares his opinion on morally questionable Hunting Simulator 2. In stark contrast, Gareth spent some time pretending to be helpful in the role of a space station’s AI while playing Observation. 

Then, after talking about the likes of the upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles, the Xbox Series S and the Summer Game Fest Demo Event, they move on to the length of games nowadays. Are they really getting too long, with many new games featuring upwards of 20 hours of content, or are there other reasons why some big titles can become a chore?

As always, full show notes are available over at

If you are new around these parts then you should know that the TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a weekly podcast in which the team behind the written word get together to chat about all things Xbox, gaming, and life in general.

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