With the likes of the San Diego Comic-Con cancelled, DC conjured up their very own virtual event to promote a host of upcoming content. Hence, the recent DC FanDome extravaganza has treated us to all sorts of news and sneak peeks revolving around the DC Universe – or shall we say, Multiverse. So prepare for gaming, film and TV discussion in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 45, for this is a DC FanDome special and it’s Bat-tastic!

Unfortunately, there were no DC Comics experts on-hand, so it’s down to Gareth, James and Richard to fill us in on the highlights and lowlights this week. They dive straight into Warner Bros Montreal’s Gotham Knights, which looks to allow the Bat family a chance to shine. In stark contrast, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady will focus on Harley Quinn and the gang. Despite both offerings being well-presented, one seems to be a more exciting prospect to our team than the other.

Moving onto films, and the gritty new incarnation of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego in The Batman certainly raised eyebrows. The trio were also fascinated by the character reveals for the undoubtedly bonkers The Suicide Squad; especially the role set to be played by Nathan Fillion. Zack Snyder’s Justice League got a mention, but some people remain unconvinced as to whether it’ll be worth the hassle. Even though there wasn’t much to see, Black Adam and The Flash did enough to leave a lasting impression. With the Wonder Woman 1984 release just around the corner, that may tide us over for now. 

Obviously, the podcast couldn’t wrap up without going over the direction in which Titans is heading for its third season. It’s expected to introduce a couple of rather familiar baddies, that’s for sure.

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