We had our minds firmly focused on the Nintendo Direct in the previous episode, but now another presentation has caught our attention in the form of the PlayStation State of Play. The first of its kind in 2021, the latest State of Play provides plenty to discuss alongside a raft of other news involving Halo, Anthem and Destiny 2. For all of that, and more, please enjoy TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 69!

Sharing their thoughts on everything and anything from the gaming world and beyond this week are Gareth, James and Paul. Before tucking into the juiciest stuff though, the trio go off on a tangent about work, covid vaccines and rewatchable films – yes, it’s a strange concoction. 

Once the dust settles from their ramblings, the entire PlayStation State of Play event gets the ultimate spotlight. No matter whether it’s the PS5 upgrades or the upcoming games to look forward to, the team delves into the lot. Expect coverage of Crash 4, Deathloop, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Knockout City, and Sifu, amongst others. Outside of that however, the disappointing Anthem announcement and the delay for Destiny 2 DLC is food for thought. In better news, there were fresh Halo Infinite screenshots, so that’s something to cheer folks up.

There’s just enough time to give opinions on the game’s they’ve been playing, such as Firework, DiRT 5, Curse of the Dead Gods, and Destiny 2. And finally, the Outriders demo has really left its mark on one of our team, but you must tune in to find out who and why.

Feel free to comment on anything discussed in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 69 or ask any questions for us to answer in future episodes!

As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast

If you’ve never heard of this podcast, then let us change that for you. What you need to know is that the TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a weekly podcast in which the team behind the written word get together to chat about all things Xbox, gaming, and life in general.

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