In the wake of the Nintendo Pokémon Direct and PlayStation State of Play, things have understandably gotten a little quieter. Don’t worry though, for we still have interesting gaming news to chat about in this episode and we’re putting a few recent releases in the spotlight, like Under the Jolly Roger and GraviFire. The Outriders ‘demo’ is also causing a stir, so be sure to tune in to TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 70.

This week, Richard returns alongside James and Gareth, with general musings kickstarting the episode. One ponders growing older with a big milestone approaching, while the other two focus on more important topics such as Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes and the Birds of Prey film from the DC Universe. 

It’s not long before the team sink their teeth into some games and share their thoughts however, taking into account the positives and negatives. All three team members were fortunate enough to get hands-on with Under the Jolly Roger (Thanks to Herocraft), and we find out how much they enjoyed the swashbuckling adventures. There’s talk about the pure destruction in Wreckfest, the block pushing of GraviFire, and the impressive Outriders demo as well. 

The trio then delve into the news, including the latest titles heading into the Xbox Game Pass library, Frogwares dispute with Nacon over The Sinking City, and a K-pop killer coming soon to Dead by Daylight. Additionally, the Aliens: Fireteam announcement caught their attention, weighing up its potential to be a success where others have failed. And finally, there’s just enough time for a quiz, albeit one hosted by Gareth. This sees a rare contest between James and Richard, but who will reign supreme as the quiz king?

Feel free to comment on anything discussed in TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 70 or ask any questions for us to answer in future episodes!

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If you’ve never heard of this podcast, then let us change that for you. What you need to know is that the TheXboxHub Official Podcast is a weekly podcast in which the team behind the written word get together to chat about all things Xbox, gaming, and life in general.

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