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It seems like a strange premise, but after the original Thief Simulator launched on PC and consoles, the buying public has seemingly lapped up the idea, with more than 1.6 million sales occurring. Now though it’s time for us to begin to hone our skills as Thief Simulator 2 looks set to make a steal on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Coming from the Polish developmental studio of MrCiastku, with publishing rights handled by Ultimate Games (Ultimate Summer, Bad Dream: Coma), Thief Simulator 2 will build on that which went before it, delivering many improvements and ideas, and three diverse locations for good measure. 

Currently scheduled to release on PC in 2022, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch launches happening in 2023, Thief Simulator 2 should cover the stealth, adventure and simulation bases that we need. 

In case you haven’t played the first game, Thief Simulator 2 will do as it says on the tin, giving players the chance to carve a career for themselves as a thief, working first person perspectives as you try your hand at plundering challenges, moving from your every day home to banks and then on to other well-protected facilities. But there’s more, and taking the very finest cars for yourself will also be par for the course.

Much of your time in Thief Simulator 2 will be found focusing efforts on observation, planning and strategy, yet covering your tracks at every moment will no doubt be for the best too. 

“In Thief Simulator 2, we will improve the best features and solutions known from the first instalment, at the same time offering players a whole package of new possibilities. Expect new goals, skills and challenges” – announced Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games S.A.

The new instalment will be bigger, better, prettier and even more exciting. We pay great attention to the feedback from our community gathered around the game. We are also preparing numerous surprises for fans of the series. As a result, Thief Simulator 2 will offer everything that the players liked about the previous instalment and much more” – added Rafał Jelonek.

Features of Thief Simulator 2 include:

  • new instalment of the best-selling simulator;
  • numerous improvements and novelties;
  • three very diverse locations;
  • extensive skill development system;
  • various types of equipment – from a crowbar to new technologies.

We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with how this thieving life runs. Just be prepared to experience Thief Simulator 2 for yourself on PC through Steam in 2022, and then on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch a year later. 

For now, kick back with the trailer…

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