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It seems to be a bit of a weekly occurrence, but yet again Train Sim World 2 has been enhanced, with those looking to hit the railways and embark on their dream jobs given access to three more DLC packs that have come about thanks to the power of the Preserved Collection from the original Train Sim World

Just recently we saw no less than seven new DLC options arrive in Train Sim World 2, but now another three are hitting home, increasing the number of Preserved Collection content once more. But even if you’re not a veteran of the scene, and you never played the original Train Sim World but are loving the sequel nonetheless, you can still enjoy the latest additions – it’s just you’re going to have to pay top dollar to get full access. 

So what do we have this time around? Well, as of now Train Sim World 2 players have access to the Northern Trans-Pennine route for £24.99, the similarly priced Great Western Express and the cheaper to handle DB BR 363. 

The first two of these were also present in the game that kicked off Dovetail Games’ railway empire on console, now coming to the sequel for free to those who purchased them first time around and are perfect additions for those looking to add new tracks and objectives into their game. The third, the DB BR 363 brings an old workhorse to the lines, and if you already have the Ruhr-Sieg Nord pack to hand, this will complement it perfectly. 

Details of each pack as follows:

  • Northern Trans-Pennine: Towering moors, challenging grades and tight curves are yours to conquer in Train Sim World® 2: Northern Trans-Pennine, bringing a bygone era of British Rail roaring back to life. Operate your trains over an aging rail network and no modern safety systems to assist you.
  • Great Western Express: Train Sim World® 2: Great Western Express brings to life the experience of driving high speed and commuter passenger trains on one of Britain’s busiest railways. Take control of the iconic Great Western Railways HST and command it to 125mph along the Great Western Main Line out of London’s Paddington Main Line Station.
  • DB BR 363: A true veteran of the rails, the DB BR 363 has spent decades on shunting duties and light freight work throughout Germany, and you can experience this for yourself along the stunning Ruhr Valley in Train Sim World 2!

It must be said that being a fan of Train Sim World 2 shouldn’t be thought of as a cheap hobby and you’ll need a fairly hefty wallet in order to enjoy everything that the game brings. But again, thanks to the Preserved Collection, at least Dovetail have got your back a little. 

In order to grab the new content, just head over to the digital store of your choosing. The links above will whisk you off to the Xbox Store, but we won’t mind if you prefer to take the PS4 or PC route over Xbox. 

Let us know which of the DLC packs you will be picking up. 

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