Clustertruck. Mr Shifty. Punch Club. Three games that more than hold their own on Xbox One. So when tinyBuild deliver a digital games bundle to the Xbox One library which contains these games, you really should sit up and listen – especially when it comes in with such a great place and huge saving.

So, available right now is the tinyBuild Action-Packed Bundle on Xbox One. Priced at £15.99, you’re basically getting full access to three games for a little over the price of just one. You see, Clustertruck usually delivers more than 100 levels for just £11.99, Mr Shifty lets you get your teleporting action in for the same price, whilst Punch Club will see you rising through the fighting ranks for £7.99. If you were to purchase all three games individually, then you’d be needing to pay out a cool £31.97 so the 50% price cut and £15.99 asking price should ensure you are at least tempted.

If you are, then make sure you hit the links above to check out our full review of each game, and then head on over to the Microsoft Store and nab yourself a decent bargain.

Bundle Description:

BANG BOOM POW!!! Cut to the chase, it’s leaping on speeding trucks in Clustertruck, it’s punching through organized crime in Mr. Shifty, it’s drop-kicking crocodiles in Punch Club- this is tinyBuild’s most action-packed bundle yet! This bundle is not only ClusterTruck’s 100+ levels of jetpacking, grappling-hooking, truck-flipping mayhem, it’s also teleporting through walls and through bullets to punch armed guards through windows in Mr.Shifty. PLUS you’ll be training to rise through the ranks of an underground fight league in Punch Club. Catch up on all of tinyBuild’s biggest releases in one place!

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