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Titanfall 2 gets a fresh batch of DLC to take into the Monarch’s Reign

Yesterday we saw the latest free update arrive for Titanfall 2, bringing with it even more free content for players to get stuck into, but as seems to be the norm for all free updates, the Monarch’s Reign update has been followed up with a bunch of optional paid DLC content for those who wish to indulge to make their Titanfall 2 experience go a little further.

Anyone who pays close attention to the arrivals on the Xbox Store will today have noticed as many as eleven content packs with varying prices from as little as £1.59, all the way to £19.99. But what do they bring to the game? We take a look to see what you should expect to find in each of the DLC packs.

Before we jump into the paid stuff, it’s worth mentioning the new changes you can expect to find next time you boot up Titanfall 2.

First up is the stuff that drives us FPS fans crazy, it’s the new map. Every good title has one of those great maps you remember, and the latest arrival in Titanfall 2 is sure to raise some cheers from Titanfall veterans with Relic coming back into play once more, with the remastered treatment given for a fresh showing in Titanfall 2.

Next up is the new Titan that has joined the battle, Monarch. Monarch gives credence to the term survival of the fittest, with energy stealing a key ability and a heavy LMG to boot amongst his arsenal, making for deadly combat at close range.

The next free addition comes in the form of a new Execution ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ which is a cloaked move. There is however a pre-requirement of executing 10 pilots before this becomes available. The final notable freebie is the added Callsign banners for the new found additional Pilot Generations. Pilots can now expect Gen 10-100 to come with fetching new banners to showcase the incredible feat of endurance required to reach such a level.

So that rounds up the free update and what you can expect to find with that, but what you’re really here to find out is if that new paid content is worth splashing the cash on right?… Of course you are, so let’s dive in to what you can get for your hard earned cash.

As previously mentioned, there are eleven new paid content options available today. One of which comes in at a rather staggering £19.99 for an all-inclusive Monarch’s Reign bundle of everything new that’s available. Other options are present for individual deals of the same content that’s include, so here’s what you can expect to find on the store with their prices should you wish to purchase them separately from the bundle.

First are the options of two new chassis for the readily available Titans, Tone and Ronin. Each pack comes in at £3.99 and brings with it a Prime Chassis, as well as sleek new sound effects and a new visual style to the aforementioned Titans. Of course, £3.99 may sound like an expensive price for a new look and a size increase, but they aren’t called Prime without reason. These two can also be found in the Prime Titan Bundle – alongside the Ion, Scorch, Legion and Northstar Prime Titans – for the price of £15.99.

Next up are the Art Packs. These take up six of the new arrivals on the store today, with each costing a pricey £3.19 and each bringing five new Nose Arts and an exclusive Warpaint skin to their respective Titan. It’s worth noting however that these are purely cosmetic changes and bring no changes to performance in any of the game’s Titans.

Then of course we come to the Camo Pack for those who wish to spruce up their Titans with something a little more stylish than the factory paint. The Monarch’s Reign Camo Pack comes in at £2.39 and brings as many as twenty new and exclusive Camos that can be applied to every Titan, Titan Weapon, Pilot and Pilot Weapon, and is well worth looking at if you want to standout on the battlefield.

Finally, we have the Monarch’s Reign Callsign Pack. This one comes in at a friendlier £1.59, bringing with it instant access to 20 new Callsigns and 20 Callsign Patches to help make that profile card standout as you fight for the podium finish.

So, there we have it, everything you can hope to find as part of the new Monarch’s Reign update and all the paid content options that go alongside it. Will you be digging out your wallet to ensure a fresh lick of paint for your Titan this summer? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Titanfall™ 2: Monarch’s Reign Bundle Description:

Give your Pilots and Titans the royal treatment with the Monarch’s Reign Bundle. Bundle contains all paid cosmetics launching with the free Monarch’s Reign DLC. Ronin Prime and Tone Prime unlock new chassis, sound effects and executions. Art Packs for Ion, Scorch, Northstar, Ronin, Legion and Tone add 5 Nose Arts and a Warpaint skin for each Titan. The Monarch’s Reign Camo Pack comes with 20 exclusive Camos for every Titan, Titan weapon, Pilot, and Pilot weapon. The Monarch’s Reign Callsign Pack comes with 20 new Callsigns and 20 Callsign Patches.

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