With the huge level cap that’s in place there’s every chance that you’re probably one of the many who enjoyed Titanfall 2 when it released and continue to enjoy it now. If so, then the latest option to add a little custom flair to your loadouts may be one you find yourself interested in.

Released today on Xbox One are a number of new content packs, bringing Weapon War Paint options galore. There are six individual packs available, as well as one containing them all, with all the following in place…

The packs available are as follows: 

  • Titanfall 2: Crimson Fury Mastiff
  • Titanfall 2: Halloween Spitfire
  • Titanfall 2: Masterwork Sidewinder
  • Titanfall 2: Halloween R-201 Carbine
  • Titanfall 2: Heat Sink L-Star
  • Titanfall 2: Halloween CAR
  • Titanfall 2: Tricks and Treats Weapon Warpaint Bundle

Each pack brings new customized warpaints to each of the individual weapons associated, to help them stand out in the warzone. Each pack not only contains unique warpaints for their respective weapons, but also give owners a 10% chance to earn a 2x XP token after the completion of each match for each Elite warpaint you own – although the limit is set to 30% for owners of three or more. Owning an Elite warpaint will also grant an extra merit to both you and your teammates at the end of a match, however only one extra can be earned in each match.

The three Halloween packs for the Spitfire, CAR and R-201 Carbine contain these same great bonuses, but it’s worth noting that these are limited in availability and won’t permanently be available for sale.

The Titanfall 2: Tricks and Treats Weapon Warpaint Bundle is the ultimate pack for those wanting the complete set of customisation options for their weapons and brings all six packs together for the price of £15.99 (£14.39 with EA Access). Each pack can also be purchased individually for the price of £3.99 (£3.59 with EA Access).

Will you be jumping in with any of the new custom warpaint options? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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