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Those old dogs, Titanfall and Minecraft, continue to lead the way in the Xbox One and Xbox 360 charts with The Amazing Spider-man 2 hardly making a dent.

It’s a bit of a surprise to see Spider-man only popping up in 4th spot on the UK 360 charts. Whilst we fully expected it to chart a little higher on the older console, it seems the draw of block building and football is still at the forefront of Xbox 360 owners minds.

On the Xbox One however we never really did expect it to make an impact. With it’s pretty bodged next gen launch (only turning up in download form) and critical panning of the graphics, it seems One owners are keeping their money firmly in their pockets. Titanfall continues to reign supreme and we’d expect that to be the case now until the end of the month when Watch Dogs gets in on the act.

All other chart positions are yet again pretty static with only Dead Rising 3 jumping up a fair few places.

Xbox 360

1) Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition (Last week – )

2) 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (1) – Read our review

3) Titanfall (2)

4) The Amazing Spider-man 2 (New entry)

5) Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (3)

6) LEGO The Hobbit (6)

7) The LEGO Movie Videogame (7) – Read our review

8) South Park The Stick of Truth (5) – Read our review

9) Call of Duty Ghosts (4) – Read our review

10) FIFA 14 (8)

Xbox One

1) Titanfall (1) – Read our review

2) FIFA 14 (4) – Read our review

3) Call of Duty: Ghosts (4) – Read our review

4) Forza 5 (6) – Read our review

5) Kinect Sports Rivals (3) – Read our review

6) Dead Rising 3 (10)

7) Trials Fusion (5) – Read our review

8) Battlefield 4 (8)

9) Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (9) – Read our review

10) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (-)


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