With the first downloadable map pack coming to us this month; we get an insight from the level designer into how one of the maps “Swampland” was created.


Chris Dionne went over the early stages of creation and the eventual final look of Swampland which will join Runoff and War Games in the first DLC pack. It was noted that the map only began to shape-up once Titanfall itself was finished as this allowed them to focus on design around things like the Pilots and Titans. Many things have to be taken into consideration to avoid compromising the personality of a level and to help it have its own unique characteristics which in this case meant moving trees from the periphery into a centre piece of the action. Pilots jumping from tree-to-tree like ninjas sounds like an awful lot of fun and not like any of the maps we’ve already experienced.

Check out the video below for a greater view of the Swampland evolution through the creative process.


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