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Tokyo Drift into You Suck at Parking on Xbox, Game Pass and PC


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Parking in the narrowest of narrow parking spaces can be a struggle at the best of times, but take away the reverse? Well, that’s another challenge altogether!

But that’s exactly what Happy Volcano – those behind You Suck at Parking releasing on Xbox and PC (and on Game Pass on both platforms!) today – expect of you. You Suck at Parking is a colourful, cartoony arcade title in which the player must control a tiny car as it zooms through a number of levels, complete with boost pads, launch pads and all manner of obstacles. 

The aim is to stop your car in a parking spot without reversing: once you have stopped, you stop. Park in each spot in the level with the fewest cars and in the quickest time, and consider that level well and truly mastered. Rinse and repeat, with progressive levels throwing in more obstacles, and you have a very addictive arcade title to sit down with.

As well as the 100+ solo levels to bide your time with, You Suck at Parking’s main attraction is the online multiplayer mode, in which you battle against fellow players in a true test of parking might. Progression in the game will also see you unlock tokens to spend on customising your car, and the introduction of a Battle Pass offers another route in which to make your automobile your own. It all follows a very similar route to that of Rocket League, or the recent Turbo Golf Racing.

The devs have also committed themselves to offering a fresh cycle of levels to online players ‘until the Sun swallows the Earth’ which, and I’m no astrophysicist, is a damn long time indeed.

“Launch day is here, and we’re so excited not only to hit both Xbox and PC with You Suck at Parking™, but also to do so on Game Pass on day one,”says David Prinsmel, Game Director. “But there’s more to come, not only with launches on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch next year, but in continuous new content for the existing releases every two weeks as well.”

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Key game features include:

  • Speed through stages navigating obstacles aplenty before hitting the designated parking spots, all whilst somehow keeping cool, calm, and collected in the process.
  • Unlock Parking Tokens with their parking skills that serve up new customization options to pimp your ride with.
  • Climb the global leaderboards and prove to your friends that you truly do have the power to stop. Maybe not the world, but a car, at least.
  • Experience an ever-growing, always-expanding, forever-changing game, where more cars, more biomes, more tracks, and more customisation options are regularly added to the roster.

You Suck at Parking is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC: head over to the Xbox Store where you can pick up a copy for £16.99. The game is also available, day one, on Game Pass for both Xbox and PC, hopefully boosting those player numbers! 

PlayStation and Switch fans, look out, as a physical copy of the game is scheduled for such platforms in 2023.

Game Description:

Prepare to take part in the world’s most extreme parking experience in You Suck at Parking™, the only game where your driving skills aren’t as important as your parallel parking skills. Race against the clock to yank your handbrake in over 100 wild levels with ever-increasing difficulty. Going furiously fast to the designated parking spot will not only ensure you remain extremely cool, calm, and collected; but unlock cool new customization options to pimp your ride with. Want to show the world your nought to sixty skills? Want to prove you’re really worth that number one spot? Climb the global leaderboards and prove to your friends that you truly do have the power to stop. Maybe not the world, but a car, at least. Stuck in the rat race and want to see who would come out on top between you and your friends? Give them the hard shoulder in the multiplayer mode and battle to pull into podium position!

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