As per a Statista report, Microsoft sold over 47.7 million Xbox units from December 2017 to May 2020. That’s a huge number and Xbox is an excellent alternative to Play Station. Many people perceive Xbox as a gaming console and they purchase Xbox to play games.

But do you know that you can do many things besides playing games on Xbox? The fact of the matter is that Xbox is a multimedia console. The current version of Xbox is incredibly powerful and you’ll be amazed to know the variety of fun things you can do with Xbox.

What Are Some Fun Things You Can Do With An Xbox?

With the latest Xbox, you can get access to all the best games in the world. The great thing about Xbox is that there are also games you can play for free. In addition to playing the latest and greatest games, here are ten fun things you can do with an Xbox:

  1. Play Online Or Offline Games

Xbox is a gaming console, so you expect to play games on this machine. The great thing about Xbox is that you can play games online or offline. You’ve got the choice to either pay and download the game or use a physical disk to install the game on the console. To play multiplayer games, you need a subscription of Xbox Live Gold.

One great thing about Xbox is that you don’t need to carry disks or flash drives once you purchase a game online. Even if you want to play a game with your friends or family members, you can log in to your account and play it on Xbox. The cloud storage automatically saves the progress of your games. 

If you want to purchase more games, you can go to the Microsoft store and buy it. You’ve got an option to use Xbox gift cards for buying a game. One cool thing is that there are ways you can get Xbox gift cards for free. This site has detailed information about free Xbox gift cards and more.

  1. Watch TV

Wanting to switch to other TV channels in the middle of a game is common for many people. Thankfully, Xbox understands this problem and it has addressed it. To watch your favorite channel, you only need to connect the cable to Xbox’s HDMI.

Some of you may have problems with using the feature of TV on Xbox. There is an app called OneGuide that’s dedicated to TV. OneGuide lets you understand everything you need to know about airing and taking control of surfing. You can easily switch back and forth from gaming to TV as per your desire. OneGuide will also let you turn off your TV and audio equipment.

  1. Run Ultra HD Blu-Rays

Watching a 4k video takes entertainment to another, awesome level. The experience is surreal, and you enjoy every moment. Xbox allows a device to run Ultra HD Blu-Ray disks.

In addition to the Ultra HD Blu-ray player, Microsoft has added more features to its newer versions of Xbox. The latest version of Xbox is all-powerful. It has everything you need to enjoy your games and HD videos. Here’s a Techcrunch article to help you get the latest information about Xbox.

  1. Be An Avatar Or A Real Human

The avatar feature of Xbox is excellent for those who want to add something creative to their profile picture. The new avatar edition of Xbox allows you to create a much more expressive version of yourself. Some of you may not want to add a small image of yours in your profile. It doesn’t look cool and others may not like it.

Some people go with customizing their real images but many don’t want to undergo that process. This is the reason why the avatar is useful for representing your identity. You can easily upload your picture to the Xbox profile by choosing Profile->Customize Profile->Change Gamerpic. Your image must be 1080X1080 in size.

If you want to choose an avatar, Xbox has a wide range of options to help you choose the best avatar to suit your personality.

  1. Run Game And Play Music Simultaneously

You don’t need to focus on only one thing when you’re trying to have fun. One of the best ways to entertain is to listen to music. The new Xbox allows its users to multitask. You can listen to music while you’re enjoying your favorite game. It amplifies your joy and you can enjoy your favorite music while experiencing the thrill of gaming.

There’s no need to store music files on your Xbox to listen to music. You’ve got access to any song you want to hear via Xbox. The only thing you need to do is tap the glowing logo on your Xbox. It’ll let you select the music app of your choices like Deezer, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

With the recent upgrade in the software, you also have an option to balance your game volume and music volume. With these features, gaming has become more musical than ever.

  1. Play 4k Enhanced Games

If you’ve followed news about Xbox recently, you must’ve heard about the term Xbox Enhanced. But you may be confused about various aspects of Xbox Enhanced. 

Simply put, Xbox Enhanced allows you to 9x your resolution. You can easily observe a drastic improvement in the image color range.

Another way to look at Xbox enhancement can be the higher frame per second (FPS). There can be a boost from 30 FPS to 60 FPS. For instance, Halo 5: Guardians allows you to experience 4k HDR with 60 FPS. Another game allowing you to go 4k with HDR support is the Witcher 3. You can expect more and more games to support 4k HDR in the future.

Playing 4k enhanced games will give you a new gaming experience. The graphics you see in 4k enhanced games will be something you’ve not experienced before. So, go for Xbox Enhance to take your gaming experience to the next level.

  1. Interact With Your Xbox

It’s easier to speak than to use your controller to change settings. The voice assistant is gaining popularity and it’s available in your Xbox as well. You must’ve heard about Halo’s Cortona. Now, you’ve got the power to use your headset mike for controlling Cortona.

It can be bothersome to keep using your controller for navigating. To avoid the boredom of using the controller all the time, you can say “Hey Cortona” and make it do what you want. You can order your Xbox to switch channels, adjust volume, start the game, etc. So, you’ve got an assistant during gaming.

  1. Chat And Video Call On Skype

Most of us get calls or messages while playing games. We can pause the game and start after a while, but that’s not possible for answering calls and replying to messages from our loved ones.

With Xbox, there’s no need to stop your gaming and move to your laptop or mobile phone to reply to messages or attend calls on Skype. You can quickly answer calls on Skype and chat with your friends without disconnecting the cable.

  1. Play With PC Gamers

Some people love playing games on the PC, while others enjoy using Xbox for their gaming experience. The great thing for gamers is that Xbox allows you to play and compete with PC gamers without purchasing a different version of the game.

If games are available for both PC and Xbox, you can play with PC gamers. Xbox will automatically recognize the format. Some popular games you can play together are Sea of Thieves, Motorsport 7, State Of Decay 2, etc.

It’s even possible for you to use the Xbox app to stream your Xbox game to your PC.

  1. Share On Social Media

There are some moments in your game that you may want to share with your followers on social media. It’s easy to share game clips with Xbox on various social media platforms. You can also use hashtags to expand the reach of the content.

If you want to make your clip professional, you can use a free app like Upload Studio. There are many video clips of spectacular moments in games like FIFA 19, Fortnite, etc. Such clips will serve as memories that you can cherish.

It’s also possible to use your headphones to give video intros with Kinect’s camera. Lastly, don’t hesitate to upload your videos on YouTube if the moment is genuinely remarkable.

Final Thoughts

If you analyze all the things you can do with an Xbox, you’ll feel that the Xbox is worth every penny. First, you can enjoy all the latest games available on the market. If you’ve finished playing games, you can do other activities for fun like watching TV, chatting on Skype, etc.

Currently, the price of Xbox is around $400. To get the most out of your Xbox, try everything mentioned in this article. In the future, you can expect Xbox to be even more potent than the current Xbox.