There is something specific about retro video games. Many people feel nostalgic about their childhood and school times so that such retro games bring back a lot of sweet memories. We have collected a list of 10 retro games which you can play online. All of them come from simpler times when we had only 8-bit sound and 16-color graphics, but they used to make us so happy. Let’s have an exciting retro voyage!

Mario Remix Boss Edition

We all were addicted to Mario and particularly this version. Do you remember yourself fighting boss after boss just for earning coins for your bright victory? Usually, a player starts with 30 coins and later you can purchase some extra before you start fighting. The developer recommends getting the mushroom just because some bosses are quite hard. If you want to kill a Dracula in mario remix boss edition you will need minimum eight hits. After several attempts, most players win successfully. You can start the game over any time by clearing the cache to remove your saved game progress.


According to Wikipedia Tetris has been designed by a famous computer scientist born in Russia. Later the game has been distributed by a Japanese company all around the world. The game arrived in 1984, and it became a legendary game phenomenon. These never-ending stacking blocks have been available on every platform. Tetris game is very addictive and it even positively influences our health, because it presents PTSD and control cravings. This game can become a real zen meditation.


What is your favorite modern shooter video game character? Some of you will say Halo, Call of Duty, or Counter-Strike. All these tremendous modern video games owe a significant debt to a retro video game called Doom. It was developed in 1993, and it plunged layers into a battle for our Earth. The level of intensity in this game is very high. Doom game is a real phenomenon that has introduced millions of players to the main bedrock principles of the genre.

Ms. Pac-Man

It is a well-known game in many countries. It has four mazes (and the original version of Pac-Man has got a single maze), very smart ghosts, and cute fruit bonuses. This game has obsoleted the original version very fast. It has a high perch on the list of the top retro games as it is so fun to play.

King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human

In the 1980s, it was the period when the reign of Nintendo were dominated by PC titles. Still a lot of layers used to honor the game King’s Quest. It’s installation called King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human has been released in 1986. It was successful and cleverer comparing to the first two series. You will enjoy the adventures of Prince Alexander. Even though that the graphics are quite old-fashioned, it is still very joyful to play this favorite video game. You will have to make portions from different ingredients, avoid the black cat of the wizard, and even steal the treasures of pirates. This game is pure magic.

Super Smash Bros.

It is the absolute hit of Nintendo’s fan club. This game was launched in 1999. It borrows iconic video games characters but, at the same time, introduces something new. You will have a chance to play as King of Hill, know your never-ending enemies. All players can romp through numerous stages to expand the canvas. This game is different from similar fighters games because it asks players to memorize the arcane buttons combos to get the main maneuvers of the character executed.


This game belongs to two-dimensional graphics and it responsible for modern video games. It is the foundation of all what we have now. It looks like a table tennis simulator that was developed in 1972 y Atari. It consists of two dial-controlled paddles with a ball. It is the first sports game.


For the first time, the world saw the game Castlevania in 1987. It became a monstrous game. Its graphics and sophisticated physics are awe-inspiring. To make the creepy feel even more realistic, the developer included perfectly matching music. You will have to chance to become a vampire hunter and explore the castle of Dracula. Such effects as bloodstained gates, holy water, crosses, and weapons will blow your mind.


Playing Galaga video game, you will have a bunch of quarters, and the task will be to blast some aliens. This video game was released in 1981. We can call it the real exemplar of arcade’s Golden Age. The main objective of this game is to hit many jerks and get as higher score as possible. Give a try to this old-school games, and you will see how simple and fun it is to play.


This video game is iconic. You will get a high-end car, a lovely girl, blue skies and a long strip of the road behind you. It has been designed to become a race, but it is more like a high-speed cruise, that will take you on the road trip full of adventures.

Enjoy playing your favorite video games from your childhood online and free of charge!