Call of Duty Warzone has already made its mark as one of the most popular Battle Royale games available in the market today. You may have played and won the other Battle Royale games, but winning at the Call of Duty Warzone game is no cakewalk. Worry not because we have compiled a list of the best cod warzone cheats that will let you get better at the game and help you win.

Plan ahead

Planning well in advance is one of the most crucial things that you need to do to gain an edge and win this battle. Players are so involved in the gunfights and loots that they tend to neglect the importance of properly positioning themselves and estimating where the next circle will end up. 

Get to the battlefield quickly

If you keep your parachute deployed through the entire fall then this will slow you down a bit. And if your opponent happens to reach before you then they will get the better equipment. A free fall for most parts of the journey will also save you from getting shot mid-air by your opponents.

Kill your enemies before you land

Start to kill your rivals with the gun in the air during your descent. It pays to get rid of a few players even before the battle starts.

Set up your loadouts

Set up the loadouts before the game starts and also make sure to get different loadouts with various gears and weapons. This keeps you prepared in any tricky situation when you may need a particular weapon or perk.

Continue to loot

You may be well equipped with the loadout but that should not stop you from looting. It will let you gather more cash and gears.

Spot the enemies on the map with a UAV

The UAV is a highly sophisticated tool that displays a part of the map and lets you figure out if your enemies are close to you. Here is a secret not known to all which can give you an advantage in this game. If all the three teammates use the UAV at the same time then the UAV will show the exact position of all the other 147 players.

Using the Ping

Do not take the Ping lightly. It lets you mark the enemies and informs your teammates about the activities that are going around them. Double-click the Ping to make your teammate aware that the enemies are located close by.

Ensure that your weapons are optimized

Optimizing your weapons can make a big difference to the result of the game. Optimize the weapons to either the base or to the battlefield. This reduces the chances of the gun recoiling when using it to shoot the enemies. It offers better accuracy which saves your life.

Shield yourself 

The shield available in the Warzone game does not consist of the traditional gears or helmets. There are armor plates that need to be applied under your uniform. You can place 3 plates and can store 5 plates in case you wish to offer the plate to one of your teammates who is low on HP.

Always share your loot with your team

Make sure that you always share your plunder with your teammates. You can see your teammate’s finances on the bottom left of the screen. Remember that if you get killed then your teammates should have enough cash to buy you back.

Complete the contracted tasks

Complete the contract tasks as they offer rewards and benefits. The task may be to either kill an enemy or to gather some loot. Even if the contract is not completed it helps in locating the enemies on the map.

Winning the Warzone

Teamwork is vital to winning the Warzone game. Always call out to your teammates and let them know about your plan of action. They can warn you before things go wrong. Do not leave your teammates to run behind the loot. You never know when the enemies may swarm behind and attack you. Trust in your squad and build chemistry with them to have fun and also win at the Warzone. Winning the Call of Duty Warzone is no easy feat but with these tricks, victory is possible.