Casino games have existed for hundreds of years and whether you’re interested in playing them for some harmless fun or for real money, there are wide range of options available for all platforms today. Just like Nintendo has casino games incorporating Mario Bros, Xbox One has also dabbled into this genre with its own games. While there are no real money casino games available for Xbox One as yet, there are indeed some titles that offer compelling casino action on this platform, giving players a good feel of the real thing.

Nothing denying that Xbox One console games have their own excitement factor, but the number and variety of options really opens up when you switch to PC or mobile medium to play casino games. You should check out the best UK casinos to sample many such online casino games and get a better idea about what we’re referring to here. Let’s now tell you about three such well-known casino games for the Xbox One platform.

Four Kings Casino & Slots

This is a virtual casino game wherein players get a chance to indulge in all kinds of casino games. You assume an avatar and play different types of networked casino games with players from other parts of the world, in a virtual environment. The games available to play include bingo, slots, roulette, blackjack and more.

The concept of this game is based on real-money gambling world. The gameplay and graphics are very impressive, and even though it lacks features present in cutting-edge real money games of today, it’s definitely worth checking out for people who love both gambling and their Xbox consoles.

Pure Hold’Em

For gamers who love pool, Pure Pool has become a sort of modern day Xbox One classic, giving them the opportunity to enjoy some amazing pool action in 3D environment. Pure Hold’Em is the work of the same developers who were behind Pure Pool. The team is known as VooFoo Studios, and the game enables up to 8 players to play Texas Hold ‘Em in tournament format. There isn’t a lot to this game than some pure beautiful Texas Hold ‘Em poker. And even though this tournament is nowhere close to WSOP poker events or the likes, the gameplay is very enjoyable and the graphics are stunning. The choice of playing with strangers or friends as well as various other features make this Xbox One game pretty addictive for the poker lovers.

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Prominence Poker

This is another poker-based casino game for the Xbox One console. Many critics have called it the ideal poker game for the platform and a sort that should be followed by all other Xbox One casino game developers. Combining excellent gameplay with stunning graphics, Prominence Poker is closest you can get to the real thing. You get to choose to play against either the human players or the AI. Although many consider it as a close rival of Pure Hold’Em, the critics have placed it far ahead of that game in rankings.