eSports has emerged as the fastest growing sport in the betting industry. Millions of people place some type of eSport these days and regularly view their favourite games through live streams and Twitch TV. To give you an example, more than 100 million people actively play League of Legends (LOL), the most popular eSports title on the Internet till date!

The viewing figures of some of the biggest eSports leagues and matches not only generate substantial ad revenue, but also a significant amount of betting business. In fact, considering the kind of popularity they enjoy, many people have also argued that eSports should actually be made an Olympic event.

In addition, as eSports have a fairly young fan base, the eSports bets offerings of online bookmakers such as Betfair, Mr. Green, Betsafe and others, have introduced a whole new generation to online eSports betting and gambling.

Let’s now take you over the top 3 eSports games you can play on Xbox one.


Shooters don’t necessarily have to be realistic, pretty or dark always. There’s a fair amount of place for cartoony fun, even when it comes to gun-filled eSports games. That particular space was filled by Team Fortress 2 (Valve) for a long time, until the Blizzard launched its own offering with Overwatch.

This eSports game for Xbox one has inherited all the major hallmarks of Team Fortress 2, for instance, its multiple game modes (focused on defending and attacking teams), colourful levels, cool characters (having all kinds of different play styles), in addition to a handful of MOBA like twists.

Overwatch comes across as an extremely enjoyable first person shooter game that has lots of mechanical variety, all thanks to the various classes and heroes of the game. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Overwatch is loved and played by a large majority of eSports fans.

Rocket League

This was an out of nowhere hit that came around in 2015. It is one particular eSports item that continues to dominate the Steam’s sales charts, and among the very few extremely loved eSports games that’s not associated with an actual league.

Rocket League owing to its fast-paced car-based gameplay, apart from thrilling shots on goal and explosive hits, offers raw entertainment to the players, particularly when it’s the pro level guys who are playing.

Anyone who thinks that his last-second score was something to be boasted about, wait until you come across someone with even better skills to drive up a wall, score from the centre field and flip off a wall! Here’s all the latest news about it

Tekken 7

Just like the regular Tekken games that were released prior to it, Tekken 7 is essentially a tale of fathers and sons doing their best to eliminate each other, in order to get rid of the Mishima clan from the Devil Gene. This gene is a magical DNA thread that converts certain people into hellish spawns.

Even though this game is well known for its single-player story, it has gained immense popularity as an eSport title owing to its 3D movements, slow motion effects and multiple fighting styles.