LEGO is everywhere. The brick building phenomenon has gone from strength to strength in recent years across all forms of media. None more so than in the videogame world, which has seen LEGO branch out with new and old partnerships involving some of the biggest franchises. A lot of LEGO games have been released since the introduction of the newest generation of consoles and so I’ve taken it upon myself to piece together the ‘Top 5 LEGO games on Xbox One’!

Here’s the best that developers, TT Games, have to offer.

5. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Movie tie-ins are often tricky games to pull off, mainly due to being rushed out in a very limited timescale. Fortunately for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, the films at the heart of the story are from the previous few years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You could tell the animated cutscenes were created with plenty of time being spent on recreating the memorable moments and adding the finer comedic details.

Anyone whom featured in the films and a few obscure characters like Fin Fang Foom were transformed into brick form for what is a pretty large roster, albeit one that had plenty of duplicates –if you like Iron Man then you’ll be in armoured suit heaven. I felt that the numerous free-roam areas added a new layer of post-story exploration. The major let downs came in the lack of freshness to the gameplay and a poor transference of audio that just didn’t fit well with the cutscenes.

lego marvel avengers pic 1

4. The LEGO Movie Videogame

The launch of the film and the game were a sign of how big the LEGO franchise was becoming at the time, drawing in the likes of Batman, a hugely popular character, in a supporting role and amalgamating lots of LEGO worlds together. Emmet was the real star of the show though, an ordinary bloke thrust into a mission to stop Lord Business from unleashing Kragle and destroying everything.

Although the tedious nature of smashing and bashing anything in sight eventually crept in, it was kept at bay for a while due to the introduction of a new way of building. More control was placed into our hands by letting us gamers read the instructions for construction and being able choose the correct pieces ourselves. Some may have loved the cutscenes being taken directly from the film but after seeing The LEGO Movie, I’d have preferred something I hadn’t already seen which let it down a bit; that doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh at the silly jokes again though

Emmet took us to a lot of happy places and brought the LEGO universe together. Can he fix it? Yes he can!

Oh, wrong builder.


3. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Believe me when I say I wish this could’ve been the best LEGO game ever, but sadly it faltered on the age-old problem of not bringing enough new features to the core gameplay. Other than that though, it was great to see the first videogame partnership with Marvel come to fruition. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes told a tale about Doctor Doom taking out Silver Surfer before sending his minions out to recover the precious Cosmic Bricks scattered by the destruction of Silver Surfer’s board. Your mission is to get them first using an assembly of heroes because we all know he’s up to something dodgy.

A crazy amount of characters were incorporated into the story such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Professor X, MODOK and Wolverine, to name just a few. The ability to traverse freely around New York City was pretty cool back then; it was huge and littered with a ton of side missions to keep players entertained for hours.

TT Games also gave a pretty important narration role to Deadpool, not the best of choices for a child orientated adventure but rest assured he was on his best behaviour whilst still managing to provide more of the same humour found throughout the game.


2. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

No one can argue that Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t a massive success, both in terms of revenue and giving Star Wars a much needed kick up the bum to attract a new generation of young Jedi. But I digress, I’m here to tell you just how freaking great LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is and why it’s almost the best that LEGO has to offer.

Following a film of such magnitude gave the developers a more restricted level of creative freedom, but didn’t affect the resulting product in the slightest. The classic LEGO humour is interjected into the memorable scenes and as always the roster is bloody massive. It’s in the gameplay however where the freshest additions came. Blaster Battles, flying X-wing fighters and getting to grips with Multi-Builds for the first time, all brought a new edge to the core of the game. Replayability value also went through the roof with a shed load of stuff going on after the main story.

The force is strong in this one.

legoswtfa pic

1. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Holy guacamole Batman! You’ve made it to the top spot.

After a mere second of deliberation, there’s no way I could even consider dropping LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham from being the pinnacle of this list. The often darker side of comic books was cast in a new light; one filled with wonderful humour and a smidgen of feels brought about by nostalgia – who doesn’t love the camp 1966 era Batman?!

Exploring the Lantern worlds was rather magical and these together with the Bat Cave and the Watchtower, made for a comic book fan’s dream. Every DC character you’d expect to make an appearance was front and centre for a story which blurred the line between good and bad because if the ultimate evil was going to be stopped, all heroes and villains would have to team up. Not only was I engrossed but I laughed way too much at the cutscenes which are of the highest quality.

Before its release, we’d only seen size transformations of mini-figs. For me, nothing delivered better in terms of unique gameplay in LEGO games due a new kind of transforming; changing into alternate suits, each being appropriate for specific puzzles.


And there we have it, Batman reigning supreme in my ‘Top 5 LEGO games on Xbox One’. Do you agree with the choices? Feel free to tell me how wrong or right I am in the comments…

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Jon Boyo
Jon Boyo
5 years ago

Are you able to explore Gotham in Lego batman 3 or was that only 2?

J Birks
Reply to  Jon Boyo
5 years ago

Just 2. This one took us to Oa, Watchtower etc.