If recent reports are anything to go by, YouTube Gamers have good reason to celebrate. According to the video-sharing platform, 2020 is ‘YouTube Gaming’s biggest year’ with the watch time clocking up to a massive 100 billion hours. 

A quick dive into the video-streaming side of YouTube reveals further insights. Of the top 5 channels with the most number of subscribers on the platform, 2 of them are gaming-related. 

There’s little doubt of the YouTube gaming community being a close-knit one. As per the insights shared by Google, 56% of YouTube streamers have disclosed that the online video-sharing company is the space they use to connect with the gaming community at large. 

Consequently, If you’re a gamer who is only now beginning to learn the ropes of YouTube streaming or are a novice at gameplay editing, and are looking at ways through which you can edit your videos effortlessly, this list might just be what you’re looking for. 


This online video editing platform is perhaps the easiest to use. Its interface is such that users are able to seamlessly move between each of its features. 

Whether it has to do with picking a video template from the 3500+ ones available to you, adding overlays and automated voice overs to video clips, removing a particular background, or accessing media from its enormous gallery of stock footage, the entire experience is quick and easy.

As a platform that requires just an internet connection for it to be accessible to you, the features this website boasts of are quite impressive. As a YouTube gamer, you can even make use of its text-to-speech tool if you want to make your game walkthroughs interactive.


Once you’ve figured out the art of capturing gameplay footage (which in itself is a simple enough process wherein tools like Shadowplay, OBS will come in handy), record highlights of games (like Overwatch and Rocket League have this option), you ought to look for a platform that aids you in editing said footage. 

Shotcut is one such free video editing software that lets Linux, OS X, and Windows users edit their video game walkthrough with its intuitive interface and motley features. 

All one has to do is place any number of video and audio clips onto the Shotcut application’s timeline, apply the necessary effects/filters, captions if required, and finally render and convert the result into a relevant video format. 

The only drawback of this software is the fact that you cannot preview filters that you wish to use on your video clips.

Da Vinci Resolve

Another free and non-linear video-editing software, the Da Vinci Resolve allows users to clip videos, apply a few basic effects to them, and even add color grading to video fragments. 

The application even introduced a timeline feature a few years back to ensure that users were able to easily move between and cut their video clips. Although Da Vinci Resolve doesn’t come with as many features as the others on this list, for free software, its basic components make it a crowd puller among gaming enthusiasts.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

No video-editing list is complete without Adobe Premiere Pro being added to it, mainly because not many desktop applications can compete with the sheer number of features, components, and tools that this software comes with.

If you feel like your gameplay walkthrough requires a fair bit of editing and you want to experiment with the way you stitch your clips together, Premiere Pro should be a good place to start. 

The platform’s list of features includes being able to customize video and audio fragments to a great extent, adjusting colors to your liking, and processing audio bits. Users are met with a variety of plugins that they can use to their advantage. The software is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. 

Final Cut Pro

For gamers who are habituated to using Mac OS systems, Final Cut Pro would be their best bet. The application affords its users a number of features that are all compatible with the Mac Operating System only. 

Although quite similar to Premiere Pro in terms of its user interface, the components it has to offer, and other handy plugins, an added feature that Final Cut Pro can brag about are its many motion graphic templates. 

But unlike Premier pro, the program doesn’t have as many options in terms of effects. When it comes to creating suave gaming montages or professional-sounding commentaries, Final Cut Pro would be your ideal contender.