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Top 7 Affordable Xbox Accessories Every Student Should Buy


As a student, you need to take well-deserved breaks from assignments such as essay writing and dealing with your workload. Perhaps an Xbox is one of the ways in which you have chosen to enjoy your downtime. 

Adding a new accessory to your gaming gear is a cool way to refresh your gear and get a sense of newness going without blowing too much cash. The advantage of having an Xbox is that most accessories are compatible across generations of the gaming device. 

Most accessories will improve your gaming experience by taking it to the next level. Here is a list of some awesome gaming accessories to suit your student budget. 

1. Xbox One Wireless Controller

This is one of the best gaming pads available on the market and it also adapts to PC gaming and it is a step up from the 360 controllers. The controller is ideal for co-op gaming and replacing your current handset. 

A spare controller is never a bad idea. The Xbox One Wireless Controller generally retails for around $150 and comes in a wide range of colors. You can also replace sticks and buttons and reskin the controller without tampering with the chassis. 

2. Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Do away with constantly having to buy batteries and invest in a Play and Charge Kit, which is quite essential in easing your gaming experience. The kit comes with a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to plug in a micro-USB into your game box and continue playing. 

The Play and Charge Kit is an excellent way to save time fumbling around for batteries and focus on your game without ever having to open your battery compartment. 

3. Razer Kraken

These headsets are dedicated to gaming and can transform your experience, completely. They provide an immersive experience and give a tactical advantage. Razer Kraken headsets are rated as one of the best for the Xbox one. They are comfortable and endure a lot of noise that comes from gaming. 

While you’re gaming and focus on reaching the next level, you can get assistance with custom essay service from academic experts. The online essay writing service can also help you with other writing work like thesis, research papers, dissertation etc.

The Razer Kraken is an evident upgrade from the previous version and allows an immersive experience. With most headsets that deliver the same quality being quite pricey, the Razer sells around the $50 mark. 

4. WD Black My Passport 5TB External Hard Drive

Storage demands for gaming can come at a hefty price and its best to preempt a solution with an external hard drive. With Xbox demanding well over 100GB in storage, it becomes easier to have larger storage. 

It is not just games that take up space but also add-ons and updates. To make a chore of finding storage, invest in this WD 5TB hard drive. A hard drive is also ideal for storing research, assignments and research paper.

5. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Edition

Razer Wolverine is the best and most trusted third-party controller for the Xbox and is an awesome and cheaper alternative to consoles such as the elite. The elite offers a wide range of features, including back paddles, programmable buttons, and chroma lighting. 

It might be interesting to use this as a research paper topic on how good consoles should be and work because this one is committed to ergonomics and quality. It also offers a good grip to ease your gaming experience if your palms get too sweaty. 

6. Xbox One Wireless Adaptor 

If you sometimes prefer PC gaming, then you can get the wireless adaptor for Windows 10 for an Xbox One controller, which allows you to sync it with your PC. 

While you’re online, you might consider looking for homework help online or a writing helper if you fall behind on your assignments. The adaptor allows the console to connect to the PC via Bluetooth or USB. You can go to your nearest gaming store to find out if your console is compatible with the adaptor. 

7. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel

Love racing? Well, the thrust master is built and designed for the ultimate racing experience with great pedals and wheels. A steering wheel has the potential to completely change how the racer handles the game. The Thrustmaster TX offers amazing force feedback and is reasonably priced. 

Your racing games will never be the same as you play your favorite racing game with this immersive experience that offers great entertainment for parties too. The wheel also comes with a pedal base, making it a more realistic and amazing experience.


There are so many more accessories out there that are affordable for the student budget, and as you have read, Xbox One accessories are the most affordable in particular. When it comes to jazzing up your set up on a budget, it is important to look for good deals and even second-hand accessories as they come at a cheaper price. 

The simplest things can improve the gaming experience and provide a good way to release stress from your studies. The Xbox has redefined gaming in many ways and made it more accessible and affordable. The average student does not need to break the bank buying accessories for their favorite pastime.

Author Bio:

Ray Campbell is an academic counselor helping students achieve better grades and secure admissions in top college or university. He’s consistently working to promote the use of technology to upgrade the teaching methods and make the learning process easy for students. In his free time, he likes to spend time watching TV shows, read autobiographies and play tennis. 

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