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Top 9 new Xbox and Game Pass releases for July 2024


new xbox games july 2024
The best new Xbox games for July?

We’re halfway through 2024 and whilst the gaming world hasn’t yet exploded, there’s plenty of time for the real big hitters to land.

Will that be in July 2024? Well, we’ve picked out the top 9 new Xbox and Game Pass releases set for July 2024. There are some real crackers in here too, proving that gaming CAN be great through the summer months. But what should you be playing? How about this little lot?

Alaskan Road Truckers: Highway Edition

alaskan road truckers keyart
Alaskan Road Truckers: Highway Edition rolls out onto Xbox

Alaskan Road Truckers comes to Xbox with the Highway Edition, throwing you into a white-knuckled trucking adventure across a sprawling Alaskan map. We’re expecting this one to go up against the likes of SnowRunner and Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, as we battle dynamic weather, treacherous roads, and harsh conditions to deliver cargo and – most importantly – become a legend.

Get behind the wheel and we’ll look to master a variety of challenges – navigate unpredictable weather, haul diverse cargo, and keep the all-important rig in top shape.

But the danger doesn’t stop there. You see, sometimes, you’ll need to step out of your cab and brave the elements on foot to fix your truck. And that means managing hunger, fatigue, and body temperature as you overcome mudslides, avalanches, and blizzards. Three difficulty modes cater to all skill levels.

Alaskan Road Truckers: Highway Edition isn’t just about survival. Customise your truck if you like, build your reputation you must. Just be sure to forge your own path to glory in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness!

Want to know more? Hit up our exclusive interview with the team behind Alaskan Road Truckers.

Magical Delicacy

Magical Delicacy Key Art
Magical Delicacy – cooking up magic

Aspiring witch Flora seeks to hone her craft in Magical Delicacy. This is a wholesome Metroidvania cooking adventure in which you’ll get to explore a charming harbour town filled with quirky characters, all eager for your delicious creations.

In Magical Delicacy, it’s all about the, well, magical delicacies as you craft magical meals and potions in your customisable kitchen, carefully selecting ingredients to fulfil specific requests. And between those culinary concoctions comes the chance to platform your way through town, taking on orders and uncovering the secrets of this magical world.

Flora’s journey is filled with colourful characters, including the wise witch Cassia and the enigmatic magus, Tauno. Each offers guidance and challenges that will shape her understanding of magic and the town’s hidden conflicts.

Will Flora become the skilled witch she dreams of being? Dive into Magical Delicacy and discover the magic of cooking, exploration, and friendship.

Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield

Aerial_Knights We Never Yield keyart
Aerial_Knights We Never Yield – team up!

A follow up to Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, you’ll need to buckle up for a new heart-pounding adventure – Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield. A stylish action game, it casts you as two brothers, Wally and Lone, in a fight for freedom against an oppressive queen.

As with the initial game, you’ll be found running, jumping and sliding through danger-filled environments, overcoming obstacles and stylishly dispatching enemies with your acrobatic skills. A vibrant Afro-Medieval world will be brought to life by stunning visuals and a pulse-pounding soundtrack.

This time you’ll play alongside a friend in two-player local co-op, or can go about tackling the challenge solo. You can even control both brothers at once for a truly unique experience. With powerful voice acting, Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield offers a story and gameplay that’s as thrilling as it is stylish.


SCHiM keyart
Make the most of the shadows in SCHiM

SCHiM is a charming indie game in which you control a lost shadow on a heartwarming journey back to its human.

Taking charge will see you leaping through the world using the shadows of everyday objects and moving creatures, uncovering hidden stories and delightful details along the way.

This is a very unique 3D platformer, one that challenges you to think creatively. Since shadows are your only path, you’ll need to strategically jump between the silhouettes of buildings, trees, and even people. And doing so will see you exploring a vibrant world with ever-changing colour palettes that reflect the mood and setting of each location.

Each level should be seen as a mini-narrative, inspired by real Dutch and European cities and landscapes. And you’ll also uncover hidden secrets scattered throughout the shadows, aiding other lost shadows in reconnecting with their objects.

The best thing about SCHiM? It began as a student project that blossomed into a full-fledged game, drawing inspiration from its Dutch roots. There really should be no reason to not embark on a beautiful and innovative adventure as SCHiM ensures the shadows hold the key to heartwarming reunions.

Deadlink keyart
Deadlink – coming to Xbox from PC

The neon-drenched cyberpunk world of Deadlink awaits as you dive into a roguelite FPS where you fight back against megacorporations.

As an elite operative piloting a high-tech combat shell, in Deadlink you’ll blast your way through gritty slums, twisted labs, and corporate strongholds.

Every run is unique too, with procedurally generated levels ensuring a fresh challenge each time. Thinking fast and utilising your environment will be key to success in this one. In fact, with action this fast-paced, standing still is a death sentence.

Having gone down really well on Steam, in Deadlink on Xbox you’ll get to unleash a deadly arsenal and customise your shell to fit your playstyle. From long-range sniping to close-quarters devastation, the choice is yours. And you shouldn’t worry too much about dying either as each defeat powers up your next combat shell, making you stronger with every attempt.

Gonna grab your guns, fight for freedom, and slash those corporate profits in Deadlink? Of course you are.

Parkitect: Deluxe Edition

Parkitect Deluxe Edition keyartr
Parkitect Deluxe Edition – let your imagination run wild

Calling all theme park tycoons! You may have created your perfect parks in Planet Coaster or Rollercoaster Tycoon, but now comes all new opportunities. Yep, Parkitect: Deluxe Edition lets you build and manage your dream amusement park.

Promising to be a complete tycoon experience, Parkitect combines classic simulation with modern features, offering over 100 hours of gameplay. It’s here where you’ll design thrilling roller coasters, manage staff and shops, and create an efficient park infrastructure that keeps both guests and operations running smoothly.

The Deluxe Edition releasing on Xbox (and PlayStation) includes extra content from the Booms & Blooms and Taste of Adventure DLCs, adding new themes like Candyland and Jungle. There will also be exciting attractions, fireworks, and an extra campaign.

With a brand new console-friendly UI and button mapping, Parkitect: Deluxe Edition is designed for intuitive and comfortable controls, letting you focus on the fun of park creation. And honestly, that’s all we really ask for from such a game.

Will you be unleashing your creativity and building the ultimate theme park in Parkitect: Deluxe Edition? BlitWorks could well be on to a winner with this one.

F1 Manager 24

F1 Manager 24
Pull off the overtakes in F1 Manager 2024

Ready to dive into the most detailed F1 management experience ever with F1 Manager 2024?

This time around you’ll get to take control of an official F1 team or build your own from scratch, designing everything from the livery to the driver lineup. And this year you’ll also get to go beyond race day strategy, managing driver and staff personalities with the new Mentality System, keeping your team happy and motivated.

Promise of a dynamic AI means rivals can poach your talent, whilst unexpected car issues can disrupt your plans, but also create opportunities to exploit rival misfortunes. We’re hoping for a step up from F1 Manager 2023 with stunning visuals and a strategic helicopter view to enhance the decision-making.

In F1 Manager 24 you’ll also get to challenge yourself with the new F1 Sprint races and manage the latest driver and staff rosters, including rising academy stars. Tutorials and clear data presentations make it easier than ever to jump in, while Race Replay lets you relive key moments.

Can you lead your team to F1 glory? F1 Manager 2024 puts you in the driver’s seat.

House of Golf 2

House of Golf 2
Putt to glory in House of Golf 2

Tee off for family fun with House of Golf 2!

House of Golf 2 isn’t just a golf game, it’s a party waiting to happen. You’ll get to grab up to three friends for epic couch co-op battles, or go solo and conquer over 100 unique mini-golf holes.

Whatever, House of Golf 2 caters to all skill levels, offering a fresh challenge with every twist and turn. For us, it’ll be the opportunity to impress friends with trick shots and defy gravity with the innovative Trick Score System.

But what if you’re feeling competitive? Well, you’ll get to test your skills in Live Tournaments, battling for exclusive rewards and bragging rights. With endless variety and exciting challenges, House of Golf 2 is the perfect way to create lasting memories with friends and family. Golf With Your Friends may just have a serious competitor.

Hairdresser Simulator

Hairdresser SImulator
Hairdresser SImulator – game of the month?

Want to unleash your inner stylist in Hairdresser Simulator? You’ll find that this isn’t just a hairdressing game – it’s your chance to run your own salon empire.

Whilst we add this one to the list with a little bit of tongue-in-cheek, for many, it may well appeal. If it does, expect to be found designing unique hairstyles for clients, using washing, cutting, colouring, and styling techniques. There will also be the opportunity to experiment, working trendy looks and mastering your skills with tools like scissors, razors, and straighteners.

But it’s not all about hair. In Hairdresser Simulator on Xbox you’ll renovate and manage your salon, keeping it clean and profitable, hiring employees and catering to your customers’ needs to build your reputation and attract new clients.

Hairdresser Simulator lets you unleash your creativity in multiple ways. Design your own character or upload a photo for a virtual makeover. In sandbox mode, you can experiment with endless hairstyle possibilities!

Do you have what it takes to become a hairdressing mogul? Grab your virtual scissors and climb to the top in Hairdresser Simulator. We know you want to…

And so that’s your lot for July 2024. What will you be playing? Will it be some golf? Some F1 management? A bit of the finest of Aerial_Knight’s or maybe some hairdressing?

The comments are below.

As for August? Well, we’re expecting big things from Star Wars Bounty Hunter, CYGNI: All Guns Blazing, SteamWorld Heist II and the Xbox debut of Kena Bridge of Spirits. The new game releases are set to explode once more…

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