What goes into making a good gaming set-up? The truth is that several different components are all involved that ensure that you will be able to fully play games. Not only that, but you will need to put together the perfect combination of components to ensure that games run smoothly and every single inch of them looks fantastic. One of the major components necessary to ensure that all of this happens is, without a doubt, the monitor. No good gaming set-up is complete without one. 

Hicks Law 

Of course, it is one thing knowing that a good monitor is required to properly top off the perfect gaming set-up, but on the other hand, where do you start when it comes to finding that perfect gaming monitor? Within the world of choice, there is a law called Hicks Law. Essentially, this refers to the fact that it becomes harder to make a choice depending on the number of different choices that you have available to you. This is certainly the case when it comes to choosing a monitor.

A quick Google search or browse around the high street will reveal just how many choices you have when it comes to picking the perfect gaming monitor for your set-up. As such, how do you even begin to narrow down your selection? Well, if you are struggling with this, then you are in the right place as the below article will go into detail about the most effective ways that you can choose the right gaming monitor for you. 

Determine the Reason You Need It 

One of the first things that you should do, which can go a long way to narrowing down your choices, is determining what the purpose of your monitor is. You tend to find that different monitors work well depending on the different games that you will be playing. For instance, if you are a competitive gamer or like epic games, then you will find that a high-quality screen with a good refresh rate will be best for your needs. 

On the other hand, there are a lot of games out there that lean more towards classic routes and, as such, a much more mediocre monitor will serve these needs. Consider online casino games as a good example. When you go on slots lv to play online slot games, you will be met with several different options, and though these are high quality in their development, the highest quality monitor is not necessarily needed to get the full experience when playing on them. 

Have a sit-down and work out the kinds of games that you are interested in playing. When you understand this, you are going to be in a much better position when it comes to choosing the right monitor. 

Higher Resolution Means Better Picture 

Another issue that can come about when you are looking for a new monitor is that it can be hard to determine whether the product you are looking at is suited to your needs. This is because magazines, PC shops, and websites will often have with them a lot of jargon to define what makes the monitor good. This is all fine if you know what you’re talking about, but if you are new to the world of gaming, a lot of these words might go over your head. 

One of the most frequent you will see in descriptions refers to resolution and, as such, you must understand what this refers to. Resolution is a reference to the picture quality of a monitor, so if you pick a monitor that has a higher resolution, then the image quality of the screen will be better. 

Pick a Budget 

Another effective way that you can limit the amount of choice you have and make your decision surrounding choosing a screen easier is by setting yourself a budget. Monitors can steadily creep up in price, and before you know it, you will be spending more than you are comfortable with, and consequently limiting the amount you have on processing power and the rest of computer. As such, set yourself a budget for your monitor, so that you will be happy with the choice you make. 


One of the most important parts of any gaming set-up is a top-quality monitor. There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking the monitor which is right for you and, as such, if you find yourself struggling with your pick, then be sure to refer to the above tips which should help.