Modern-day technological advancement has led to gaming consoles and the gambling industry collaborating with each other in order to come up with various innovative approaches for staying relevant in the fast-paced market. With the popularity of video games, it was soon realized that combining gambling and video games is a wise move to make. For the newer generation, online gambling is preferable due to the easy accessibility from the comfort of home. Data shows the hike each year is almost around 10% according to The European Gaming and Betting Associations. The industry is about to be almost $94 billion by the year 2024 according to the statistics that have been chalked out regarding online gambling.  

Punters playing at casinos registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) can sign-up for self-exclusion schemes such as GamStop and GamBan. These schemes have special significance for problem gamblers reeling under the pitfalls of compulsive betting. GamStop and GamBan would ideally stop these players from accessing any UKGC licensed casinos for a stipulated time period. However, GamStop players can join brand new UK casinos listed at NonStopCasino anytime which are equally thrilling and entertaining. Also, they could play at the casinos operating under credible offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar, etc.

PlayStation Games for GamStop Players 

The popularity of PlayStation among the gaming community requires no introduction. But it has to be mentioned that the same PlayStation has a huge role to play in the betting trend surrounding these games. With the launch of Grand Theft Auto and Diamond Casino, also a resort game launching the year 2019, the mark of PlayStation in the betting industry became significant. As one enters the casino in any of these games one will get access to playing the games that are available in the casino. Gamers are free to use any form of currency be it virtual or real. This came as a game-changer in the world of online betting. 

Among the popular online casino games Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino and Resort, the Four Kings Casino and Slots, and High Roller Casino are worth mentioning. 

Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino and Resort 

GTA Diamond Casino and Resort is one of the ultimate ones among casino video games. The launch date goes back to 2019, on the 23rd of July. Midway the game leads players to a real casino establishment where various forms of entertainment are available for the players to enjoy. Even the resort is open for virtual accommodations for gamers. A variety of traditional casino games are available for players to try their luck on like different types of slot machines, blackjack, and roulette, and so on. 

The rewards from the casino would be discounts on cars, clothing, and so on as well as virtual currencies for the game. The minimum number of chips required to play is 5000. The VIP members often win access to a virtual penthouse. One can use real money and cash it in GTA$ if willing to engage in virtual gambling at these casinos. 

The Four Kings Casino Slots 

The Four Kings was released back in 2015 inspired by casino culture. It has the same stimulation as a real casino from Las Vegas. The avatar created in the game resembling the player can move around playing all sorts of casino games like slots, blackjack, bingo, roulette, Texas Holdem Poker, etc. It also allows you to play higher stakes once access is gained to VIP rooms.  

High Roller Casino 

With the latest version being launched in the year 2017 by Stern Pinball Arcade, the first released goes back to 2001. It is known for quality graphics and sounds. The game is modelled surrounding the let some glamour of real Vegas casino enabling players to lay their hands on games like blackjack, poker, Hi-lo, and so on. 

Casino Games to Play on Xbox 

The online gambling industry in collaboration with Xbox has brought to the gamers some highly sought-after experiences. British users can play games like Casino Nights, Fallout New Vegas, and Prominence Poker on their Xbox for a fantastic feel as well as trying out casino games. 

Casino Nights 

Developed by GZ storm launched in the year 2010 this game can get people a taste of what one might experience in a top-notch casino. There are chances to engage in competition and victory can be determined by the number of trophies. 

Fallout New Vegas 

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment in the year 2010 Fallout New Vegas is inspired by the casino setting. 

Prominence Poker 

Prominence Poker is regarded as one of the most sought-after games to ever be launched on the platform. It gives players a real taste of casino action with fine gameplays. This game also enables players to watch the game from a third-party perspective. The decor of the virtual casino is worthy of mentioning. 


In the remote gambling industry, the innovations that are taking place are not just indispensable for the industry to thrive but also to please the gamers into having the best experience since the younger generation mostly prefer the laid-back style of recreation.