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Does anyone remember those mats that were like a top-down view of a road network that kids used to have? I always wanted one of those. Now though, I don’t need one, as Total Arcade Racing releasing today on Xbox looks like those mats and looks set to provide even more fun than manually driving your cars around the carpet.

Total Arcade Racing is a tribute to those top-down racers that were all the rage in the late ‘80s and ‘90s. We’re talking your Micro Machines, R.C. Pro-Am and even those couple of levels in the original Toy Story game. At all times you can see the action across the entire racetrack thanks to this birds-eye view, which in my case meant I could see how far behind everyone else I was.

These games would be nothing without multiplayer mode however, and Total Arcade Racing knows this. Featuring local multiplayer for up to eight players, your sofa may not accommodate everyone, but at least the action on screen will. And if you have an Xbox Series X|S, Total Arcade Racing will be optimised for the new consoles, meaning 4K visuals and a smooth 60fps. It is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning you don’t necessarily need to have an Xbox to play; PC gamers can get involved too.

There is no online multiplayer but there are online leaderboards to see how you stack against the rest of the world.

You don’t just need to race though; Total Arcade Racing features several party games for you and your fellow drivers. Try your hand at ice driving or ice hockey or keep hold of the package and away from other drivers.

Total Arcade Racing is ready to go on the Xbox Store priced at £9.99. If you beat the chequered glaf you can get an introductory discount too where it is down to just £7.99. And stay tuned for a review coming soon.

Game description:Relive your childhood memories and take this fun arcade racing game for a ride. Play solo or up to 8 friends in different game modes on a single screen. Total Arcade Racing is a tribute to classic arcade racing games where you zip around in closed circuits. Compete with players from around the world and see if you can reach #1 in the Hall of Fame leaderboard.

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