purple chicken spaceman xbox one

Looking for something a little different to the norm? Want to take the fight to all manner of alien species? Happy to do so by controlling a purple chicken with a fishbowl for a helmet? You’ll want to involve yourself with the utterly mad, hugely quirky, Purple Chicken Spaceman on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Purple Chicken Spaceman isn’t going to be the most serious game you’ve ever played, but then, the team at Holmade Games don’t want it to be. See, what they’ve gone and created is something a bit madcap, a bit zany and a bit brutally difficult.

Priced up at a mere £8.39, Purple Chicken Spaceman is a single player, side-scrolling space shoot ’em up that has you exploring a number of wonderfully themed worlds, pushing tongue-in-cheek humour and hardcore bosses to the masses. Created by a 4 person team – with the likes of XBLIG title Hurdle Turtle, behind them – Purple Chicken Spaceman is the culmination of hours or work, years of stress, and pure stubbornness to allow for this strange like purple chicken to fly.

Brutally difficult, yet highly amusing at the same time, Purple Chicken Spaceman isn’t just about the shooting elements and colourful visuals though, and the upbeat, fun soundtrack has been created by several artists, with multiple tracks coming from the twisted mind of Parry Gripp from the band Nerf Herder – he of well known silly animal songs on YouTube, fame.

Our full review of Purple Chicken Spaceman is already underway and will be with you in the coming days. For now though, if you’re a fan of the weird, the wonderful, or the purple, get over to the Xbox Store and nab this delightful little title.

Game Description:

“The Purple Chicken is flying through space, dodging obstacles in his way…” Earth is under attack in this quirky Shoot ’em up! And only one should-be flightless and oddly coloured fowl stands between our world and utter destruction. Join Purple Chicken as he bravely dons his fishbowl space helmet and <explanation redacted> to space, to liberate the galaxy and stop the alien invasion force before it’s too late! Do you have what it takes? Are you chicken enough?


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