The second part of Februarys Games With Gold promotion sees a tower defense classic go free.

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Toy Soldiers: Cold War has now been stripped of it’s £9.99 price tag until the end of the month. Xbox Live Gold members can get in on a bit of the action by visiting the Xbox Games Store right now. Alternatively, you could go about things the hard way and search it out on your 360 console.

Tower Defense games may have gone slightly out of fashion since Cold War was first released way back in 2011 but that’s not to say you should dismiss this straight away. Indeed, reviews around the time stated that Toy Soldiers: Cold War was ‘the best tower defense game on XBLA’ and ‘the most fun you’ve had with your army men in years’ and it’s still sitting pretty with over 80% on Metacritic.

Game Description:

The Cold War is decided when ‘80s era action toys come alive and wage war! Toy Soldiers: Cold War blends intense first person combat with addictive action strategy, whether you’re scrapping solo or jumping into the fray with friends. Battle in campaign, competitive, co-op modes or fight for the highest score in mini-games!

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Of course, all this means that the first free title for February, Dead Island has now gone back up to its usual £14.99 price.

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