Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour

Should you wish to ride the rails and get immersed in the finer details of train life, then what Dovetail Games have created with their Train Sim World franchise is that of the finest dreams. Now though it’s time to up the ante as Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour prepares to expand on what was previously delivered, with new features and ideas announced alongside full next-gen capabilities. 

Due to roll out to a station near you in the summer, Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour is the latest expansion for Dovetail’s most popular rail simulator, Train Sim World 2. This time around though things are looking to get extremely tasty as not only will Xbox One, PS4 and PC players find all-new systems and features to play around with, but Rush Hour will make the most of Xbox Series X|S and PS5 too. 

There are already a host of Train Sim World 2 DLC packs available for players who are looking to expand their train driving horizons, but when Rush Hour drops this summer, things will really move on to the next level. Front and centre will be a brand new passenger system and as you move from station to station on the three busiest of routes, you’ll discover a greater variety in the passengers (no more clones!?!), and a higher volume of customers going through. With peak time platform levels set to increase, this should recreate the hustle and bustle of a railway system at full rush hour. 

But there’s more and you’ll also be able to take on the busiest and fastest passenger rail line in the United States as you explore the famed Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence with Amtrak’s ACS-64 ‘City Sprinter’ and MBTA’s F40PH-3. Further to that will be the chance to navigate the hectic Brighton Main Line: London Victoria – Brighton, with Southern’s BR Class 377/4 and Gatwick Express BR Class 387 EMUs, whilst you will also be able to master Regional, Express, S-Bahn or Inter-City Express services on Bahnstrecke Riesa – Dresden with four locomotives to master, including the iconic DB BR 442 ‘Talent 2’.

You don’t need us to tell you that these will all be authentically recreated and officially licensed, with a plethora of timetables to keep to. Because well, that’s what Dovetail and Train Sim World do best. 

One of the more exciting introductions due to hit with the release of Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour though will be the upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.26, alongside new features that will improve the immersion on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 with faster load times, higher frame rates and improved visuals. 

We’ll be sure to keep you right on track with how Train Sim World 2 and Rush Hour is set in the weeks ahead. Expect the upgrades and additional features to be found rolling out on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC as Rush Hour hits home. 

And if you haven’t yet picked up Train Sim World 2 but are tempted to check it out ahead of the Rush Hour release, enjoy a download from the likes of the Xbox Store.

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