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Train Sim World 3 gets a triple loco lock-on


train sim world 3 loco add on bundle

We’ve lost count of the number of DLC packs to have hit the Train Sim World franchise over the years, with Dovetail continuing to push out plenty of content on a seriously regular basis. The latest is a triple hit of loco lock-ons, as the Train Sim World 3: Loco Add-On Bundle provides even more reason for players to hit the tracks. 

The Train Sim World 3: Loco Add-On Bundle pushes out three new locos to the railway masses and should you have a copy of the base game to hand, will find that you’re getting access to the Railhead Treatment Train, the Santa Fe F7 and the Dispolok BR 182. 

Each of the new trains are available at a £4.99 individual cost, whilst the Loco Add-On Bundle comes in at £11.99, ensuring that those serious about running the train life get a little bit of a discount. 

However you go about purchasing, you’re getting some meaty bits of equipment included, with the versatility of the Rail Head Treatment Train, the sheer grunt of the Santa Fe F7 and the yellow and grey joys of the Dispolok BR 182 (make sure you have the Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel – Würzburg add-on to complement this one) all providing a touch of class. 

It’s probably best that we leave you with the Xbox Store descriptions for each of the loco packs, instead of trying to shoe-horn in some kind of technological vibe…

  • Railhead Treatment Train Description: Right through the year, the railway network faces many challenges; when the leaves start falling, the Rail Head Treatment Trains (RHTTs) go out on patrol. How does the RHTT help? It is designed specifically for cleaning the track. Crushed leaves and moisture leave a slippery film on top of rails, and this specialist equipment, in the form of high-pressure water jets cut the residue right off, leaving them in better condition to run normal traffic safely. The RHTT in Train Sim World 3 features 4 wagon variants, with different equipment loaded on each, alongside a weathered Class 66, ready to run on Southeastern Highspeed in-between the busy passenger services. With Scenario Planner, take the leaf blasting action to whichever route you like!
  • Santa Fe F7 Description: Over 2300 F7A units and 1400 cabless F7B units were constructed between 1949 and 1953. Of the many original buyers, there is perhaps none more iconic than the Santa Fe. Their fleet became famous for both passenger and freight operations, sporting the bold Red, Yellow and Silver accents of the Warbonnet livery. Having long fallen out of favour for more modern motive power, the F7 still manages to look state-of-the-art to this day and makes for a nostalgic sight for any railfan. In Train Sim World 3, the Santa Fe F7 brings celebratory heritage action to Cajon Pass; from switching to summit conquering, haul manifest freight in warbonnet style and bring a taste of yesteryear to the railfans of California!
  • Dispolok BR 182 Description: Designed to transform railway services at the turn of the century, the EuroSprinter was an adaptable platform, from which any operator could order locomotives to their specifications. One such variant, the BR 182, proved popular in Germany for freight traffic. Whereas many operators order locomotives directly, Dispolok hire their fleet to companies as needed. As such, Dispolok’s BR 182s would become a common sight throughout Germany. In Train Sim World 3, this raging bull relives its days in Yellow and Grey livery, performing on existing and new freight services between Kassel and Würzburg – and take it across Germany with the freedom of the Scenario Planner. As night falls, unleash the power of the Dispolok BR 182!

If you don’t yet have a copy of Train Sim World 3 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, then find it via the Xbox Store. It’s on Game Pass too, as well as on PS4, PS5 and PC. 

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