Train Sim World BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco

Trainspotting should be a simple life, but with Train Sim World on Xbox One it is anything but that. In fact, it’s a hugely complex affair that is deepened further by the launch of multiple content packs that deliver a whole host of new opportunities – albeit at a price. And that is what we are seeing here again today with the release of the Train Sim World BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco Add-On pack. But is this one premium addition too far?

Available to purchase and download on Xbox one, the Train Sim World BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco Add-On is the latest addition to the already lengthy list of premium content additions found available for the base game, pushing out two more iconic locos from the British Railways – the BR Class 40 and BR Class 08.

Now, that in itself is a hugely appreciated addition, as any extra charges that can be called upon in the world of Train Sim World are always good to see, but right here, right now, you’ll need to dip deep into that wallet in order to enjoy them. See, the Train Sim World BR Heavy Freight Pack itself will set you back £11.99, but in addition to that, and in order for this content to mean anything, you will also need the Train Sim World: Northern Trans-Pennine Pack too. That adds an extra £24.99 onto the price point, and when combined with the base game which is also obviously required – another £24.99 – you’ll be looking at a hefty kick in the teeth.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a train fanatic and have already got the brilliant Train Sim World to hand, and have even opted for a purchase of the Northern Trans-Pennine Pack too, then chances are you’ll be hugely tempted by the addition of this BR Heavy Freight Pack too. But if not, well, that price is going to hold a lot of gamers back.

But hey, who are we to tell you what to do with your money and if you wish to get involved in this latest addition then you’ll find the Train Sim World: BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco Add-on available from the Xbox Store right now

Let us know in the comments what you think of this pricing structure though. Surely we can’t be the only ones who are thinking that it would be cheaper to hop on board a real-world train and take in a trip of a lifetime?

DLC Description:

Please note: Train Sim World: Northern Trans-Pennine is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. The BR Heavy Freight Pack brings together two icons of British Motive Power, the BR Class 40, one of the first mass produced diesel-electric locomotive classes for British Railways, and the BR Class 08, perhaps one of the most common sights on the British railway network. This bumper double-loco pack brings iconic and historic heavy freight operations to the Northern Trans-Pennine route. Experience a bygone era of freight haulage as you move thousands of tons of fuel and goods over the challenging Trans-Pennine grades.

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