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If you like your trains, then you will love Train Sim World. And if you love Train Sim World, then you will no doubt be hugely interested in the numerous content packs that have hit the game – particularly the latest which focuses on the DB BR 182 Loco.

Available to add to your Train Sim World adventure right now is a the DB BR 182 Loco add-on, providing a splash of red to your daily commute.

Priced up at a cool £11.99, this latest content pack delivers the DB BR 182 Loco to the Rapid Transit route, in the process depicting the transitional period of the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn S2 line where DB BR 1442 EMUs were still being delivered.

Now, we’ll be honest and admit that the finer details of train life is something that has passed us by here at TheXboxHub, and whilst we can tell you much about how Train Sim World is a brilliant addition to the locomotive gaming scene – our full review is here – if you are looking for in-depth knowledge of the DB BR 182 then you may well be in the wrong place.

But hey, knowledge has never stopped us before and it’s not going to hold us back from steaming on in here either, and when a new content pack arrives in any game, our interest levels peak. That is the case here today with this latest Train Sim World add-on, and so if you’re after a new loco that will whistle away the ‘Do Re Mi’ as it departs from your stations, then you are in absolute luck.

Following on from the likes of the BR Class 33 content, the Northern Trans-Pennine route, and our own personal favourite – the West Somerset Railway addition – if you’re serious about your trains and just have to have everything and anything chugging down your lines, then the DB BR 182 delivers.

Get on over to the Xbox Store right now, grab yourself a purchase and see the latest content magically appear in your game. We’re sure the asking price is worth it.

DLC Description:

Please note: Rapid Transit (included in Train Sim World) is required, as a separate purchase, in order to utilise the content featured in this add-on. Deutsche Bahn ordered 25 universal locomotives for mixed-traffic, cross-border use and classified them as the DB BR 182. These locomotives have spent their lives filling in for other traction wherever necessary, particularly on commuter networks which were amidst fleet upgrades. The same is true on the Mitteldeutschland S-Bahn, which was not receiving its order of DB BR 1442 units fast enough to replace aging motive power, so the DB BR 182s were drafted into service with DoppelStock vehicles for push/pull passenger operation. The DB BR 182 is one of the fastest accelerating locomotives in the world, and is famed for its melodic motors which play a “Do Re Mi” tune as it departs. This loco add-on for Train Sim World’s Rapid Transit route includes three new scenarios and additional services for Service Mode.

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