Mei Terumi naruto shinobi striker

Feel that your ninjutsu skills are on the wane? You’ll want to fire up Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker and get training with the unmistakable Mei Terumi.

It’s been a good 18 months since Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but still we find Bandai Namco pushing out additional content opportunities which will ensure that our fighting skills are always on point. This time round, it’s time to train with Mei Terumi.

Following on from the DLC pieces that introduced Master Training sessions with Killer Bee, Might Guy, and Master Ohnoki comes further training enhancements with the one and only Mei Terumi putting us through our paces.

Priced at £3.49, the NTBSS: Master Character Training Pack – Mei Terumi for Shinobi Striker lets us acquire additional Training Points which can be utilised to unlock a new variety of Ninjutsu and costumes for your avatar. 

There’s a whole host of content included for that low price too, with 2 Ninjutsu covering the Water Style: Water Pillar (Heal Type) and Lava Style: Dissolving Jutsu (Heal Type), headlining the drop. Further to that though and we will gain access to a Secret Technique – that of Vapor Style: Solid Fog Jutsu (Heal Type) – a couple of new Avatar Parts in the form of Hair (Mei), for male/female avatars and Hair (Mizukage Hat), for male/female avatars, plus an extra Mei Outfit with both top and bottom options for male/female avatars.

But that’s not all and you’ll also find that this latest pack includes the Twinsword: Hiramekarei (Release) Defense-Type Weapon, along with a lovely little Honorary Title of Manhunter.

While you will obviously need the base game to hand prior to even bothering to consider this latest Mei Terumi pack, if you already have that in place then spending just a little extra to enhance the entire experience is probably the way to go. Just head on over to your favoured digital store – ours being that of the Xbox Store – and it’ll magically become yours.

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