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Ready to hit the railways once more? The latest Train Sim World content gives us the chance to travel the famous East Coastway.

Available now to purchase and add into Train Sim World, the East Coastway will set you back a rather hefty £24.99, but you will however be sure that the amount of content available within will keep you going for some time yet.

The East Coastway DLC pack for Train Sim World is one that seems pretty appealing too, and even though there are already a whole host of content packs available for the game already – and the overall cost you’re looking at to enjoy everything is not a small one – as always, if you dig the trains, or just love the railways, this iconic route is going to be a hard one to ignore.

Taking in the gorgeous countryside of Southern England, the East Coastway will see you taking in a modern railway system that has, once again, been recreated in the finest detail. With every station, signal and milepost present from the real world, it’ll be your task to help passengers and freight loads work their way across the south of England, eventually rocking up into Brighton. 

With timetables to keep to, multiple intricacies to take in, and the base game of Train Sim World having already provided a stellar experience, East Coastway is looking to see railway fanatics go deep once again. Just jump in the cab and head to your favoured digital stores in order to get involved – the Xbox Store is out station of choice.

Want to know more? You’d do well to check out the trailer below.

DLC Description:

Experience modern commuter traction along the wonderfully picturesque countryside of Southern England in Train Sim World: East Coastway. Operate your trains over a rail network represented how it is today, complete with modern signalling on a route that defines commuter and seaside rail operations. Reproduced in exquisite detail, every station, signal and milepost feel so real you could almost reach out and touch them. It’s your job to take passengers and freight across England’s southern coast and into the country’s oldest rail-served seaside town, Brighton. Manage the complexities of running a modern-day railway, complete with separate branches that demand trains are kept to timetable in order to ensure everything remains on time. Whether you’re driving, riding along or watching the action, experience all the sights and sounds of a state-of-the-art railway.

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