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Looking for a tribute, of sorts, to the classic dungeon crawlers of yesteryear? Then you may be in luck as indie developer Mr Ciastku has created such a game in the form of Pangeon. So, prepare to delve into the retro roguelike experience on Xbox One right now!

The ultimate goal in Pangeon, much like other games of a similar ilk, is to make your way through the mysterious dungeons. In terms of lore, all we know is that a secret organisation – named Pangeon – is trying to destroy the planet and so you must explore their lair. There are eight diverse levels to tackle, each of which possesses a different look, as well as distinct enemies and items. How you overcome the enemies depends on which of the 10 types of weapons you choose, with options including swords, bows and magic wands. As it’s a single player game, you should expect it to be a very difficult challenge; especially as you must eliminate hordes of monsters, alone.

Having already released on Nintendo Switch and PC, Pangeon finally makes its way to the Xbox market. Inspired by many of the finest dungeon crawlers, this particular one aims to combine the very best elements of the genre in the hopes of delivering a unique, roguelike offering. Pangeon also uses both audio and visuals to help create the retro atmosphere while you’re traversing the dungeons within. 

So, if you’re interested in a spot of dungeon crawling courtesy of Pangeon, simply brave a journey towards the Xbox Store and pay the required fee, which is £11.74 – or a special first week price of £9.39. Although PlayStation gamers may feel left out initially, fear not, because Pangeon is heading your way in 2021!

Game Description:

Pangeon is a single player roguelike inspired by dungeon crawler classics. Dive right into a dungeon on a suicide mission to kill all the monsters. Fight your way through to the bottom of the so-called Pangeon – an organization located in a dungeon that we know very little about (well, except the fact it contains something that has the potential to destroy the entire planet Earth) – eliminate the evil, and save the World from a potential tragedy. – A mix of many roguelike games combined into a fun (although short) experience – 8+ levels, various in looks, enemies and loot – 10+ weapons to use – ranging from daggers, swords and ending on magic staffs, bows, etc

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